OPINION: When all you try fail

By Akol Arop Akol

People with great minds have their quotes that if you don’t fail, you will never succeed. Failure and success are just going side by side like two sides of the road. There is left and right, but all drivers, riders and passengers make sure they go by their right hand side. But there’s something unique, they are the ones to again make the other side of the road become their right hand side. This morally means out of negativity, they try to make something good out of it.

You will not succeed at once in everything you are doing. Even God didn’t create the World and everything in one day. That’s because the World was big. The problem with human beings is that they want to try everything at once and expect to succeed. The results of every trial can either be positive or negative. In other words, you either succeed or fail.

However, human beings lose hope and confidence when things that they try fail. They feel ashamed, but why? It is because they don’t want to consider failure in life.

Great scientists did many experiments but failed to achieve the expected results but they didn’t give up.

Nowadays, they are giving us solutions for most of our problems.

When you fail in life and give up that’s not the end, but if you stand up and try it again, there’s a probability that those who keep trying succeed.

When you fail examinations at school, that doesn’t mean you are foolish, there’s another chance to learn and acquire knowledge, it is a matter of reading and you will pass of course.

Failure comes in different ways. Just like you have been joyful in your wedding, started a new family but maybe later got misunderstanding with your partner and had to break up, maybe you were called for interview but was not shortlisted, or maybe you started a business but crisis came in and it collapsed. And all sorts of challenges present themselves every day. What do you do to make sure you are still strong in such situations? The common statement of people is that they say “why me God, why only me?” So, who is it supposed to be, if not you? Your situation and any problems are your own and you have to face them. 

Everyone is having worries about something, so you better know that the thing called suffering has a portion for everyone. When you get your share, don’t complain.

Strong people are not those who don’t fail, they are those who actually get through tough times but no matter the troubles, try to bury them, they arise and prove their strengths. Those you see running successful companies were once challenged, they failed on one path but they continued having positive attitude or approaches to the problems.

If the Airport road is not accessible, you can still use Malakia road because they both lead to Juba town. What matters in life is not what path you take or time spent, the important thing is, knowing your destination. Shortcuts are alternatives sometimes but some don’t work out, just like that you cannot board a plane from Airport to go to Juba town, you must use roads. That means some journeys need right means of transport. Don’t hurry, don’t give up, always try your best.

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