THE ROADMAP TO ELECTIONS AND PEACE The roadmap to elections and peace should be clear

“Dutch Diplomat doubts South Sudan’s free, credible elections next year.”

With the country’s much anticipated – or rather much mumbled elections next year but with other people or other spectators saying nay pessimistic opinions and judgments about their predictions and negative vision for the youngest country’s future democracy.

So, while everybody from the inside and outside is criticizing the slow and somewhat unprogressive implementation of the Revitalized peace agreement, what are the people left with to make sure that they have a country that is free and democratic – one where the citizens’ interest will be at the heart of the next elected government?

Despite the ongoing skepticisms, and negative opinions; the promises of the interventions to quicken the peace implementation process by the President together with promises of working together by all the government to see to it that the country will be ready by the end of the transitional period to have an environment ready for holding free and fair elections come 2023; this is one of the things – positive that the people of South Sudan have like a drowning man clutching a straw. The people right now need a sincere strategy to keep their hearts hopeful.

South Sudan more than ever needs to stand up and defy all odds of no development and come up with a solid strategy to being a fully functional and democratic state comes next year. Tangible and sustainable approaches are what the people need, the road map to elections is a good start but if it is proven and approved to be just as good, then the destination of this map should be believed to be better. To try saving his life, the drowning man grabs whatever his desperate hands can catch. Even when it is a blade of dry grass, but South Sudan should be better than such a person.   

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