OPINION: The 20 types of interesting people (Part1/2)

The 20 types of interesting people (Part1/2)

By Akol Arop Akol

When interacting, sharing and living with people, what matters is who they are and what they do, not where they are from or what they have.

Look at your friends and consider their personalities, characters and attitudes without judging them based on skin color, family background, ethnicity or the status of life. This is important because a human being is highly sensible creature, meaning what’s important is who they are as individuals without judging them because of their relatives or communities wrong doings when they are innocent. 

The following types of people according to the qualities will make you understand why some people are funny to be with while some are toxic that other people run away from them. You will also understand why some people get a lot of friends who give them respect, support and comfort while others don’t have.

1. Confident people

Many people don’t move on or prosper in life just because they listen to negative comments from people around them. The environment where they grew up or are living in might have influence on them, for example those raised in violent houses and communities either become arrogant and problematic or they sometimes lose their self-esteem. Confident people are therefore unique in a way that they don’t get discouraged. Without confidence, a person can’t believe that he or she is talented. Will not realize personal abilities or strength.

2. Courageous People

These are people despite how life knocks them down, they still arise and walk on their feet. No matter how many times they failed, got sick or beaten by enemies they still stand strong to give another trial, and eventually become successful. Such people are funny to be with. In the way they do their things, one can easily get encouraged. Confidence and courage almost mean one thing but the difference is that being confident means you trust yourself or someone as capable possessing or doing something while courage means state of remaining resilient even when you fail.

3. Smart people

Many people miss jobs, people they like and other opportunities that knock once. Where could a shabby person go for interview and win it? Not possible. It requires smartness to be highly recognized and given attention in public or by strangers. Smart people not only become smart by dressing, but also the way of thinking and expressing themselves is attractive. They make things easy just like if you want to start business and someone will say it is hard.

4. Hard working people:

Life is all about hard work, and it is even written in the Bible that a man must taunt the soil to get food. Those getting their things in easy way are making shortcuts that might not work out in life process. Long struggle and alternative way of success are not bad, the only thing is that unclear life story doesn’t inspire people because they couldn’t understand the experiences, but the successful men and women with a lot of sad stories and difficult journeys can inspire the young ones who are still starting from scratch. Hard working people prove that nothing is impossible. 

5. Creative people:

If there were no creative people, we would not be having advanced technology, Entrepreneurship and other science intentions which are making human life easier. Creative people possess power of imagination, they imagine World of their dreams and work towards that to become a reality. Creative people are easy to bring solutions to the problem facing individuals and society at large.

6. Forgiving people:

All humans make mistakes, and all they need is forgiveness. But many people are not ready to let go the wrong done to them yet they expect others and ask God to forgive their mistakes, how? Forgiving people are those who understand life; that it is made up of both good and evil. Everything we see, hear, touch, feel or think about can have evil that negatively influences our behaviors towards others.

Forgiving people understand this and instead of holding grudges in their hearts they simply forgive.

7. Advising people:

We are nothing if there is no one to advise us to know what is right and wrong. Your Mom, Dad and uncle might have been beating you during your childhood because of playing with fire or pouring out water, and then told you that you might get burnt that’s why they cautioned you.

Someone might have told you not to be lazy or idle in life that you must work hard by going to school, looking for a job, get a good partner and so forth. When you consider their advice, you will realize yourself that you are a better person. Such people who are friendly and give free advice deserve respect and thanks.

8. Appreciative people:

Someone gave you transport money or a free lift by a car but you didn’t say “thank you” or maybe you have bought a birthday gift for your partner but doesn’t appreciate you, would it make sense, will you be happy?

When giving free things, advice or any support, all they get in return is appreciation in forms of thanksgiving. Those who are grateful and appreciative of the good done to them are entitled to receive more from others and the high God.

9. Sympathetic people:

When sick, your business collapsed, failed examinations, lost your money or got embarrassed in public, some people will make fun of you. I mean they may laugh and love what happened to you because they have no sympathy for humanity.

Observe people around you and find out those who tell you sorry for your tragedy and those who give a helping hand.

10. Organized people

When people are not organized, their sleeping places, properties, thoughts and actions are also scattered. Even when they do things or speak in public their speeches are senseless. However, an organized person always put his house in order, clothes in drawer, utensils in cupboard, books in wardrobe. Be with such people. This Motivational and Entrepreneurial Writer is advocating for Peace, Youth Empowerment and Education. Reach him via email: Read next part here or visit Hunting For Change and Akol Arop Jr.

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