Sprawl is tandem, prowl is Inescapable! (Part 5)

By James Ayiek Bath Acuoth 

Having witnessed the politics of armed rebellion which is mastered by many politicians in South Sudan and the rest of Africa, has become the easiest political dagger used by warlord politicians to get into power.

This is vividly portrayed by the current divide and rule policies, implied by the Politicians in South Sudan to exploit the tribal allegiance which impedes easy rebellion. South Sudan rarely had any election after independence, neither is there any hope for any election soon.

Besides this, the previous civil war was fought with Sudan government on the essence to free the masses from religious extremism, dictatorship, and Social inequality which were imposed on the Southern Sudanese then.

After South Sudan’s independence, many global powers had expected the new Nation to initiate democratic reforms to proof the point of good governance as claims during the revolutionary struggle. Unfortunately, warlord politicians in South Sudan do not seem to qualify for good governance through democratic elections, more than they can do by means of political violence.

These warlord politicians have nothing in mind than tactics to get them in power. It is inextricably alarming that former warlord democrats in power wanted to keep power at all costs; meanwhile the later warlords want to get power by all means.

Well, to get into power is one thing, and to keep power is another. It is not necessary to wage political violence to get into power, neither is it logic to exercise unrestraint power in the name of keeping power. It is void and null, for warlord politicians to lean on the old tradition of political violence, without any political vision, but driven by cheap and self-centered goals.

Meanwhile, the Citizens who are supposed to draw the lines are bog down in tribal mindset, leaving the gap for political exploitations in the name of them, and us. This tribal mindset has betrayed any chance for political trust, and it’s a barrier for any collective political effort to redress political destine and the future of democracy in South Sudan.

It is sufficient to feel sad, when you know that uncivilized communities have become easy objects of abuse, because warlord politicians, who fear elections than war, prefer to go to bush instead of going home. This is the main reason, why many African Countries had been crippled by lack of political vision, and South Sudan has followed suit.

The recent roadmap extension of transitional period, for three years, is a clear manipulation of power, to avoid democratic transformation in the Country. There is an exigent need for political reforms to save the Country from falling further and to prepare the Nation to elect a new government that would be able to address economic and social crisis in the Country.

If this could not be done, then note that, this arbitrary political rebellion in South Sudan will keep the Country hostage, unless, the Citizens decides to burn barriers, step out from the old chains of tribalism, and stand up to reclaim the fundamental ideals of liberty, equality, justice and good governance. Maze! There is no freedom without sufficient food and sustainable development; there is no good governance without democratic elections.

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To be continued….

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