Vision of a peaceful nation should be bold in all our minds

On Martyr’s Day, President Salva Kiir called on the holdout groups to hold peace as a way of honoring the people who died for the sake of the country’s independence. Recently, the Presidential Advisor on Security Affairs also stressed out the importance of armed groups coming together for peace.

“This call is for everybody, we are open for dialogue with anyone carrying arms against the government. The President is calling on you and we are urging you to dialogue, as the best option for the sake of citizens of South Sudan”.

Frequent calls have been made by the government to the armed groups fighting them to accept dialogue and join the peace process for the sake of peace in South Sudan. Tut Gatluak Manime, the Presidential Advisor on Security Affairs, has taken an initiative to call upon these armed groups and causing trouble in parts of the country to have a better vision of the nation and stop the turmoil.

The recent and unfortunate scenario along the Juba – Nimule road brought more fear to people but Police tried to assure them how they work for their sake. “I need them (drivers) to cooperate with us because at the end of the day we are working for their safety,” the Police Spokesperson requested of the drivers using the only road accessible from Nimule to Juba.

On Tuesday, Tut Gatluak revealed to the public how the first batch of the unified forces will be graduated two weeks from now, a decision which came after a meeting between the heads of security mechanisms and the National Transitional Committee to do away with the “nagging issue of graduation of the united forces”. This promise came at the cost of the country becoming democratic next year given the extension of the transitional period.   

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