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Where has the military justice gone?

By Kiden Stela Mandela

Military justice should prevail in the military docket; it is the right way of taming criminal cases. What is happening within the SSPDF is really not understandable by the communities within South Sudan and the country at large. Unless it is an adopted culture in the military docket in this country.

On 7th of this month there was an extrajudicial killing in Mayom County where the alleged suspects who killed the commissioner of Mayom County were apprehended and killed in firing squad and one was tied up and burnt alive. This is something which disturbs a lot and speaks a lot about the army.

The SSPDF’s spokesperson was quoted as saying “we would like to announce to the people of South Sudan and the whole world that a full investigation will be carried out – a thorough investigation and all those who took part in all the processes that let to execution by firing squad and allegedly burning of another suspect are going to be brought to book”. The question is, has the authorities come out with new laws of handling issues of killing?

The other worst actions are when the ranking officer of South Sudan People’s Defense Forces who was apprehended and detained was tortured to death in Amiya military barracks of Yei. That shows another bigger challenge in the country in the eyes of the Commissioners and Governors, such sarcastic act is a shame and those responsible should be made accountable because it means they are not working according to the laws of the country. It also makes people not to trust or hope in the government if that is the way crimes are happening. A military Colonel is just killed like mere cock within the military. The laws are taken in to hands and up to now the spokesperson has not given any statement concerning the Amiya killing in Yei.

Politicians in this country hold PhD that politicians in other countries do not have, you may enjoy your position by hiding the truth from the eyes of the people by denying whatever happens in your eyes but time will also come to you and by that nobody will ever listened to you, enjoy everything. Because an apprehended criminal/suspect is supposed to be taken to detention if you think he can run away but taking actions immediately does not help. I appeal to the government of South Sudan to urgently bring the culprits to reduce the pain and trauma people of Mayom and Yei counties are going through and the SSPDF should know that people trust the government; the few elements should not tarnish the image.

God Bless South Sudan. Be right there!

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