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Diplomat soils country’s image as rape case lingers

By Kiden Stela Mandela

It’s shocking when the news of a man named Charles Dickens Imene dubbed as career diplomat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, working at a global stage (United Nations Headquarters in New York – U.S.), emerged that he was arrested and released later on allegation of rape case. This is a blunder for a diplomat to commit such act which deserves condemnation without fear and favor if indeed it’s true that he did it. The UN is the world body, that’s also among other things against rape, sexual assault, gender based-violence, and human rights violations. Charles the diplomat in question challenged the UN policy against such acts, including his country’s foreign policy. The news has set a bad precedent for the young nation, and the career diplomat has to carry the responsibility at his capacity as individual.

The fact that he enjoys diplomatic immunity from any prosecution at the local court in United States, he has to face it both at the UN and in his home country if the allegation is confirmed. The values with which South Sudan was founded are to be upheld regardless of where you work, and at what level. That is demeaning the name of the country by a caliber of diplomat Dickens who is supposed to carve a good reputation at all cost.

At home here there are a lot of rape cases by men against women across the country, instead of helping to fight against the vice at the global level, the man allegedly went ahead to commit it twice, according to media report based on the account of the victim to the police. Serving at the United Nations is the most honorable duty in the interest of the international law, as well as domestic laws and foreign policies diplomats do represent their countries on world stage. Why put the image of this country in disrepute with such alleged crime?

This is similar to the controversy that came out in 2020, that South Sudan diplomat was caught on live camera urinating when attending online Facebook panel discussion in U.S. The country’s diplomatic circles need institutional hygiene, and orientation; otherwise we’ll be experiencing more embarrassments in future.

But sometimes politics have taken its path in putting this diplomat in the trust, so it is not easy for this kind of act with such a respected person to commit crimes of such nature even if it is happening at home but it makes no sense with all what the diplomat have.  I urge the country to educate the diplomats on the international laws before appointing them to present South Sudan in order to minimize the shame.

God Bless South Sudan.

 Be Right there!

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