Whether you die of hunger or bullet, death is death

By Malek Arol Dhieu

There are only two days for a man; the birth day and the death day. Whether you like it or not, death ensues, but do not let your death find you where you are. Death by a bullet is far much more glorious than death by hunger! Dying a cowardice death tints your legacy but dying a heroic death whitewashes your legacy till the end of the earth.  

Dear South Sudanese, there is no death which has a nickname; death is death whether you die of hunger or of a gunshot wound! Yes, a country where dictatorship rules over service delivery for sure doesn’t have rubber bullets and tear gas because leaders go wild after what removes them from their positions. But take it into your account that when you stay at home, ‘hunger kills you’ and when you go out to seek for solutions to the economic derangement, too ‘a bullet kills you’.

So, you are dying by all means. Which death is better here? Definitely, death by a bullet is better because you will leave a case behind for the international community to follow up! Take my word. Before you get decomposed in your grave, the one who killed you will have smelt a rat as the International Criminal Court hunts for him. It’s a matter of days and he follows you. So, why do you want to die at home instead of dying around his palace to soak him with death? I know hunger impairs an ability to decide, but when someone decides on what to improve your condition accept it wholeheartedly and take action immediately.

Despite tremendous efforts being exerted by President Salva Kiir Mayardit to enhance the economy, the Economic Cluster and committee formed and tasked with an amelioration of the country’s economy couldn’t even improve the economy on the tips of their noses. The common man still suffers from hunger as prices haven’t dropped together with the dollar rate. In fact, there is no reference year which may be cited as the year where prices dropped when the dollar rate dropped. Prices never drop though the dollar rate drops, does it mean there is no solution for it? What makes the dollar rate drop can too make the prices drop!

The children of the common man sit eyeing the road through which their father goes out to hunt for food, expecting him to return with food but he returns barehanded as one sandwich is unaffordable nowadays. Do you know how shameful it is to be embraced in the evening by your children in expectation of what you have brought along for survival and to their dismay; you throw your hands on your laps to signal that things aren’t okay? What worsens such a situation is that, children of a neighbour who’s a government official are satisfied and your children wonder where does that man get food from and our father fails to get it.

There is a limit for everything, the political torture to match the citizens with this giant hunger so that they abandon issues to do with the government is an inhumane act and is punishable by law. It’s unbearable. This economic inflation is too much; minds are to be cooked for permanent solution.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba. He can be reached at or +211922332811.

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