The long-awaited graduation ceremony finally started off with the first batch marching in joy amid screams and ululations from the public for history that has been made and that finally we have made progress of trying to finish up with completing some of the important elements of the Revitalized Peace Agreement. Hurray to South Sudan!

Among the many speakers at the occasion, one of the many interesting talking points that were noted included what President Salva Kiir said to the people, “there is nothing which we cannot solve”. This the President said after he mentioned the many issues that we – the people of South Sudan have been battling with and still trying to solve issues like community conflicts, rape, killings, corruption and all the other evils that are trying hard to define this beautiful country.

With now being the season of graduating the country’s forces and having the second batch getting to graduate as soon as the team in charge of handling the graduation of Unified Forces, we shall now have another group of protectors of the nation and of the nation’s resources and interests having taken their oath which has been heard by the whole country in which they swore to safeguard the people of South Sudan, her resources and her interests.

The President with this statement gives us the hope that we can still solve our problems and be able to start from there to grow and develop as a young but sovereign nation and change our narrative into a steadily growing young African country.

Cheers to the first batch of the graduated Unified Forces, cheers to South Sudan! 

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