Education is the key to success many people say. Many of them even add on to say that without education, one will not succeed if they do not attain education and that is why parents, guardians go the extra length to take their children to very good schools regardless of how much expensive they cost. Our loving parents desire that we attend to the best schools whose tuition fee they can accommodate and keeping this in mind, the children in turn need to excel in their academics and do well in the activities that the schools provide.

Unfortunately for us here in South Sudan, many of the schools are still facing challenges with some being closed off due to many factors like the interruption by the wars and conflicts, floods, damaged buildings that have not been renovated and in some areas, well furnished classrooms but with no learners simply because the community that they are living in is still drowning in cultural rigidity where educating the children is only a luxury with not much importance that they see attached to it.

Vice President Abdelbagi’s decision to clear out all the encroachers of the many schools whose lands have been invaded by land grabbers who have forcefully taken this public land for their own reasons that are clearly not in the interest of the future generation.

“I am telling them by that from first this month, I am going to inspect all the schools where school land has been grabbed with my bulldozer, to crash down all the buildings around the school,” he was quoted from Eye Radio.

It will be a great thing that the government is willing to do something tangible for the sake of having the bright future that we all hope for; for our young people. It is a go from this side Vice President.    

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