A watched pot never boils

By Malek Arol Dhieu

So many South Sudanese have sat around the fire on which the pot of change is placed, expecting it to boil faster as they are time bad.  If something takes time to finish, don’t watch it too closely because it will seem like it’s taking forever. I often laugh when I see informed people waiting for solutions when they themselves are the solutions. If changers watch closely the pot of change on fire, how possible will the pot boil when the change they anticipate is outside the pot?

South Sudanese are the change that South Sudan longs for, and I find no reason why South Sudanese go uphill in search for change when they are the change themselves. Change does not erupt like volcano, and so, South Sudanese should check the writings on their bodies as a reminder that, among these writings, one of them is in capital letters and that thing is “YOU ARE THE CHANGE YOU ARE YEARNING FOR”. Why are South Sudanese yearning for change so much? They are yearning for change to renew the government and all the institutions of South Sudan that are engulfed by bad governance.

The change that South Sudan needs is not just a change, but a change plus because it must begin with the change of the attitudes towards public funds, followed by the change of the strategies and decision making by those that claim South Sudan is comfortable with their decisions now. South Sudanese can’t change much when leaders leading them have not accepted to change the wrong direction they are taking. If change is expected to come alone, then a change that comes alone is destructive and does not work as wanted, and so, an invited change is always preferable, especially when it comes to changes to do with the government.

I’m in a great anxietude about an insult by our unborn generations why we fail to bring change, not just a change, but a change that is struggled for and experienced in all areas in need of change. If people who have undergone all forms of sufferings such as tribalism, unemployment, underdevelopment, corruption, killings, hunger and natural disasters, fail to bring change, who else is expected to bring it? Or have I forgotten that changes of South Sudan are brought by angels? Unless otherwise South Sudan is also known as Jerusalem (the country of God) so that her changes are sped up by God.

The unborn generations will read the history of all the ups and downs the South Sudanese of greedy regimes have gone through because authoring the history is the only best thing the South Sudanese of the current regime can afford, but the upcoming generations will still blame us for failing to decide now before the situation deteriorates. It was suggested last week to change the name of the country, but the change that will invite other possible changes is the change of political quests for power. How long does it take united people to bring change? It takes united people less than a day to bring change, and conversely, it takes disunited people many years to bring change.

Now that the footprints of change are not spotted, I mean South Sudanese fail to bring change, are they disunited? The answer may be yes or no. If yes, then why are changes such as switching from one version of corruption to another happening? If no, then why does it take them long to bring change? The change South Sudanese long for is a change in all the systems of the country, but the main change that can automatically create other changes is the change in the governance. To South Sudanese watching the pot to boil quickly, you are waiting for something that will never happen. A pot that has no contents soaked in water can never boil. You are the soaked contents needed by the pot to get boiled, abandon staring at the pot for not getting boiled faster and fill the pot to get boiled as early as today.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba. He can be reached at or +211922332811.

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