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Will citizens survive these economic hardships?

By Kiden Stela Mandela

The economic hardship in the country is beyond normal understanding of every individual more especially the Citizens who are trying to put their efforts to change the abuse of the nation by foreign countries but instead it is a waste of time. The current economic situation in the country is irritating and the parties have to listen to the citizens right away.

Local businesses are going down every day in the name of hard currency in the country, the issue of the dollar hike is almost one year plus and has caused a lot of terrible conditions to Businessmen in the country and this issue is hard because it is caused by our leaders who do not oversee what is happening around the country.

In the whole world, it is only South Sudanese who use black market as trusted banks for exchanging currencies, banks that look like sending airtime yet there are well established banks in the country having the same notes handled by people who are neither educated nor thieves simply because politicians are behind them. You find that they are the ones regulating and this means the lives of the citizens are in the hands of the money changers not in the hands of the leaders because our politicians do not take the issue serious.

The transitional constitutional of South Sudan 2011, has vested executive powers to the President as head of state and government to appoint, fire or sack top officials within the executive branch. He has exercised this power to appoint and remove national ministers, governors, advisors, and other officials in the key institutions aligned to the executive branch. Chronologically, the decrees issued by the president to appoint and remove officials from positions to positions at the executive are many and continuing. Then it is not serious because these leaders are supposed to serve South Sudanese by handling national matters that affect them or the country at large. Instead all are working for their personal interests and can’t care for the lives of citizens who are unable to sustain their business or meet their personal needs in the country ending up dying of hunger while the leaders are comfortable in their positions eating day and night. Citizens always remain in tears; no food, high transport costs just because of unable leaders in this country. I still don’t understand why the Central Bank gives money to banks that are under the trees in Juba.

The state own always advice the New appointed top officials to work for the interest of the Citizens but it’s just the opposite just because they are not affected. It is good if the President could walk around the town one day and see his people to find how they are suffering and dying of hunger. Many are traumatized asking for change of the situation in the country.

I urge the principal parties to think about the suffering Citizens in the country by putting some measures in the institution that regulates issues to do with the dollar hike and commodities in the country.

God Bless South Sudan

Be right there!

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