Beaten down by life, still standing

By Ngor Khot Garang

It is very true that challenges will come uninvited or unsought for and it is up to us to decide what to do with them. For most people, all they do in difficult times is to just sit down and cry, for others they stand up and face life head on.

In most cases, life comes with such a speed that it takes us further behind. The medical report had it that you have a serious disease and the doctor also came in with a different story, you will not make it in the next 10 years.

You get pushed down and all your efforts go to waste. Some other times, you lose a loved one and you possibly can’t imagine your life without them. It could also be that you lost your job or you are looking for one and it has been years since you went on this elusive journey.

You could be a student and you are not sure where you will next your next semester fees.  You feel betrayed by the world, indeed but hope is not lost.

To be honest, some things are not what we think they are until we finally get them. Some difficult moments don’t leave you the same, if they don’t break you, they end up building you. Stand up!

We should not be ashamed of whatever thing that we face on daily basis because your story is not unique. Out of all the ten billions on earth, there are people with worse stories than you do and that is part of life, blame natural selection for that.

People are not the same rich or poor, we have our own sets of problems. Don’t think that all your problems would be solved if you get boatload of money. Certainly no, Karma is not mad. You have problems because you don’t have money and there is someone with problems because they have a lot of money. Don’t judge life, it is just life.

If you can’t pay your kid’s school fees, that is a big problem for a poor man and if you have millions of dollars but can’t find life’s spare parts, that is a big problem for a rich man because he wants to enjoy life to its fullest but the fact that he would be gone one day keeps eating him every day.

I want to let you know that there is a no problem-free life, all that we can do is to  make our problems better ones that we can manage and maybe rid of the idea of a problem free world. There is no doubt, out of the people you meet on your way to work or school, even the smartest of all, if you can ask them one question or two, the answers will not be different to yours if you were asked similar questions.  Face your problems with a new mindset.

The truth is, God is still in control. Your situation is unbearable now and the good news is that it will change for the better. You should not lose hope because nothing is ever a loss in life. You can lose everything and if there is life, there is a possibility that you will get everything back. Don’t be deceived by the current situation that nothing will change, that is negativity.

There is no condition that is permanent, nothing lasts forever. All that you have to do is play your cards and watch as the wheel of time rolls by. If you have been a keen observer of life, you might have seen how time reduced kings to dust and set the paupers among the princes. You can appreciate time for that.

The story of Queen of England is an example, she has lived life to its fullest. She had eaten all the foods that the world has ever offered and bought thousands of hectares of land but when time came asking, she couldn’t reject the call. She has to dial it and be buried under the same soil.

Now in the face of death, there is no difference between a poor man and the rich one. All becomes equal. If life can end, there is no doubt; your situation can change for the better. Don’t be pushed down by the waves, even when standing up hurts, please try to get back on course. It will be fine with time.

Thanks for reading; the writer is a law student, University of Juba. He is reachable via 0925405723 

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