Dear lawyers, lend me your ears!

By Theem Isaac Machar

I am taking this precious time to talk to my country lawyers wherever they are. 

Dear lawyers, I have come a long way to have some judicial matters discussed about with you today. Although doctors are known of being life care-givers, lawyers have one thing in common with them. When one falls sick, doctor is the right person to visit for rescue. But when the doctor prescribes wrong medicines, the patient will die though it is a simple sickness. On the other hand, when a doctor takes well medical procedures; the patient will fully recover soon even if it is a life-threatening disease. The same thing applies to a lawyer who is responsible for law enactment. When someone is claiming ownership of another person’s belonging or someone has stolen somebody’s property, the right person to consult is a lawyer who will have the right given to who deserves it between or among complaints. When a lawyer judges the case fairly well, he has saved the lives of those people and entirely, the country’s well-being. While unfair judgment will cause death or nonstop chaos. So, the thing in common a doctor and a lawyer have is “life-saving”. All are devoted to save lives not only for human beings, but also for every living organism. Doctors manufacture medicines for humans and animals and lawyers enact law for the following rights: human rights which include right to live, right to own wealth, right to access everything around you and right to protection. There is also a law responsible for the life of animals both domestic and wild ones that is why there is department of wildlife conservation. There is no right to kill either human or animal, right to unfair justice, right to stealing, right to bribery, right to corruption, right to nepotism, right to cruelty, or right  to breaching law, but there are only two fundamental rights “right to live and right for equal justice”, the two rights covered all other rights. Injustice is flammable. Like a thin flame of fire can set a big forest blaze, burns every spice, displaces thousands of organism inhabiting it to life-threatening environments. A simple case misjudged will cause death and that the lawyer involved is responsible for that. I am pointing out these issues because our lawyers have lost their job to monetary influence. There are uncountable numbers of injustices in all sectors including private companies, NGOs, I can’t even talk about government for it is the cradle land of all. If lawyers accept bribes to pass wrong judgments, who are mere citizens to obey law? I am appealing to our dear lawyers to love their job much more than money. Loving your job means maintenance of fair justice not love for money. Approach murdering cases lawfully, let law victimizes whosoever even if one is a son/a daughter of the president. South Sudan got independence from Khartoum tyrannical government after a long period of time, hence, it is stupid to again see the people in a told suffering. 

The most crucial reasons why one  studies law is not for wealth acquisition, but to act as a shepherd sent by God to guide his people, distributes equal right to them, leads all the way to freedom of mankind, provision of life-saving services as well as taking care of lives of every living organism. When you think enrolling to school of law means using law to grab people’s properties to enrich yourself, you have completely missed the target and that South Sudan is in crisis. Other forms of conflicts are a result of application of unfair justice and no one is talking about it. Foreigners have found it easy to commit crimes because they know money cannot spare them from law conviction. Children of big people violate law because they it is passed at their homes, soldiers do the same since they are not even asked when having involved in law-breaching activities. I am appealing to you to take a U-turn more quite soon.

Have a blessed day! 

May God bless my country!

The writer is a student of Education at the University of Juba. He can be reached on mobile: 0922490756 or email:

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