Your current condition is never the end of the world

By Ngor Khot Garang

There is this saying that “This too shall pass” and there is something so intricate about it. At times, you cannot tell a lie from the truth from a smart person but this word has something to teach us. You can find the truth in it without having to think twice. It brings healing to those who are going through the toughest times in life and it equally presents a different picture to those who are having it now that this too will go and it will be the opposite.

And please, I don’t mean that this too shall go with your problems. There is no way in this world that you will manage to do away with all your problems. Like honestly, the solution of one could be the beginning or birth of another. There is no sign that you will solve all your problems. You can only make them better or manageable problems.

This is why it is very hard to understand life and the rules that govern it. You can be given the right winning cards but you don’t have any idea about how to play them. Somebody can come from nowhere and have their seats at the table and another from a well to do family and they miss out on the queue.  Who is God if he cannot answer one prayer out of thousands?

Be careful with what you desperately need today because it won’t make sense tomorrow.  You also have to be careful with those that you despise. I mean people that you hate or disapprove of. It doesn’t last forever and I will repeat. Not those who are crying today will remain so forever and not those who are happy today will remain the same tomorrow. You have to be mindful of the people you reject today, you never know you may need them tomorrow.  Sometimes what may look like gold today may change tomorrow.   

The haves of today will be the have-nots of tomorrow. The beauty of today will be the ugliest of tomorrow. Do you know that beautiful face? It will be taken up by wrinkles and weakness takes over. Don’t look at someone and think they are comfortable or that they have figured it out in life. You never know what they are going through. Who knows you could be better than them.

Don’t rejoice when your friend or somebody you know is in trouble. It may be you tomorrow. The strong of today will be the weak of tomorrow. Don’t think you have time or that you have made it through in life. There is nothing as humbling as the cold hands of death.  I am not wishing that you leave many stones unturned; I am just reminding you in case you had forgotten. And guess what, this should change the way you treat others and how you see life.

Sometimes a figure nine to you may be six to another person.  You don’t have it until you lose it. Not all the things that are good to you are the same things others would prefer. Life doesn’t work that way and truly it is not the way you work that pays off. It is how you choose your fight that is what really pays off. 

What if you were given a chance to live or to live to die, what would you do or which way would you take? What if this life was all a dream and suddenly somebody hit your finger nail with a hammer and you wake up from that dream to realize that it is a dream.

Don’t lose hope because it is all that you have and everything you have now will go. Sometimes it takes a long and all that is required is absolute patience in the process. Every tear will dry and all the wounds will be healed. You have to put it in mind that your problem is not as big as that of another person. 

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