Don’t judge life

By Ngor Khot Garang

I have come a long way to appreciate the grays in life and even darkness because without it, there is no light. You cannot see light without having to first deal with the darker part of things. Another thing I like about darkness is the sad fact that it is never fake, just like hate, darkness is real. You can fake light and that does not make it a light.

You see friends and you only realize you have none when your world is almost falling apart.  Life is sad, it doesn’t happen. You will lose the battle and people will have no choice but to just move on. Don’t also forget that by the time you are dead, people, mostly those who love you will continue to do their normal businesses.

We don’t matter and in the next 100 years, it will be a different story. Of course, no matter how big or small you are, there should be some room for humility. You can’t see someone with missing teeth and you also forget that the same person had the best teeth a few years ago. You must learn to see things in a different way, not in the way they appear.

And that thin young man, your judgment about them never stops. Maybe they are too lazy that they can’t lift a hand to feed themselves. You don’t know the people depending on that young man. The gold and not all that glitters is gold. I don’t buy that, some gold doesn’t shine. Other hard working people don’t cross the bridge.

The mystery is yours to discover its meaning but the patterns are not always clear. I have heard people say that we should not put all our eggs in the same basket. This is very true because when you do it that way, you will be worried that the basket will be stolen or the eggs will be broken. Now you put them in different baskets and you don’t wake up in the morning.

Then the story comes to an end and who knows what you have done to deserve that.  I am sorry but most of the things we care about disappoint. The wife tells the husband that she is coming home and the plane just crashed before landing. I have seen a chicken that has spent almost 30 days waiting for its eggs to hatch. The bird has been very patient for 21 days and the results were very devastating, only one chick came out alive and it did not live for the next day, every day, all day, the chicken counted her losses until it was no more.

What I have learned from this story is the sad truth that we should not count our losses. You can lose everything and still get them.  The world can reduce you to nothing and it will take time before you get back on course. If you have been a keen observer of things, you will not deny the fact that nothing lasts forever, even names that are popular today will not matter ten years from now.

I have come to fear time because it never lies and it never fails. You can travel to the future and it will not be a different thing. You can travel to the past and it will be the same story. Time humbles. It vindicates, it turns kings into paupers and paupers into kings. What is down must rise and what is up must fall. The world has come a long way and the future is darker for those who are happy now, the opposite for those who are struggling now.

Some things are inevitable in life, you will never know wealth without having to first face the excruciating fangs of poverty. You will never know love without hate. The haves of today will be the have-nots of tomorrow, some will die and others will take the crown. First accept the fact that you will lose when you are starting a battle, this will give you the strength to fight harder to win. For in knowing that you will lose, you will defend yourself to death.

This is best explained by the current crisis in Russia, the Russian president is a cowardly man and that is why he started the war. He knows that there is something bigger than himself and he wants to discipline the Ukrainians not to realize their strength, to submit. In war, those who start the war are the one who know they will lose.

There is something amazing with these great powers. In fact, there are no great powers. These people are weak but confuses people to believe that they are strong.  I must repeat, something is lacking in these ‘strong men’. They operate from the base of an unreal self-one which is weak but violent. They kill and torture not because they are strong but weak. Their aggression is a costume hiding the void of an inner undersized self.

What I have learned from this war is that human beings can be so cruel to the extent where they can destroy what took years and resources to build just to start from nothing again. There is pain and suffering in the world but these years are still better. What lies ahead is unspeakable. You can stand where you are now and look into the future and am sure you won’t be able to see anything because it is beset by darkness. I have said before that darkness can never be faked. You cannot also fake the future but you will never fake our great past.

I am sure the future we have always envisioned has been stabbed in the chest and it is bleeding profusely. Learn to take things the way they are and don’t judge people or anything. If there is something you can do, it is to question things and don’t do it to an extent where you ask why people, who are mostly respected, steal from public coffers because they will not spare your life. It is their secret. Just be where you are and try your best and when you die trying, that is life. Peace!

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