Is there future for a killer?

By Malek Arol Dhieu

Dear unknown gunman, has your contract of selling the innocent souls to the Satan not yet expired? How much do you really receive when you have shot an innocent person?

And by the way, who supplies you with what you use to shoot people? How do you identify that this is the person to kill today, and that’s the person to kill tomorrow? Since the people you kill are mainly those who earn dollars, those who talk to their government and those having court cases, how do you identify them?

Are you many people in one person? Have you not yet roofed your murderous reputation? When are you exactly retiring from this profession of yours? Are you aware of the punishment awaiting you in heaven? In fact, the truth that a killer never grows grey hair should linger in your chicken brain day in, day out.

You have disgraced this land of great abundance so very much that even children know your name; when a person mistakes to call you gunman, children add ‘unknown’ to differentiate you from a known man holding a gun. You have flooded the cemeteries with the corpses of the innocent people who would have propelled South Sudan to the promised land; do you think this is the promised land, we have settled a kilometre away from the real promised land!

You have terrorised the people to carry out their daily routines with ease, you have loosened the hearts of South Sudanese to go to court when their plots are grabbed, you have made the NGO staff to promise their wives and children at the end of every month as they move at the sight of your guns, and finally, you have quietened the mirrors of the government to critique, leading to making of perfect decisions.

You used to kill adult males by then, but now you have advanced to women, elderly and children; you will one time kill domestic animals or pets, and this is when your madness will climax. One of the victims you thought you shot dead, but was alive, described your image as that which resembles the image of a person who pretends to guard people at daytime but ventures into looting and killing people at night.

He continued mentioning that his boots were heavy, long on one end going to the legs and had rough soles, adding that they exactly look like the boots worn by a certain gun holder who came to our home looking for his lost departure order. The victim went on, around the chest of this image, I saw a material designed in such a way that it holds something for reload and on the head, I saw something that looks like a helmet, this image looks so funny.

Why do you turn your anger to your fellow people when you very well know the location of the people who frustrate you that much? Don’t be fooled by Jesus’ word that my father’s house is roomier, take it from me that there are no rooms for killers in Jesus’ father’s house; heaven.

As a matter of fact, you will never be shown two roads; one going to heaven and another going to hell, you will only be shown one road, and that road is going to the ocean of fire.

My dear enemy, refrain from killing and repent to allow you burn halfway in the ocean of fire so that your remains may be buried. Future belongs to lovers of humanity, it doesn’t at all belong to those who terminate people’s lives. So, I’m helping you sow your future as early as today by refraining from killing!

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

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