When your tears never stop

By Ngor Khot Garang

There is this old adage that I had come to endear and it is the reason why I’m putting this work together and it read “People cry not because they are weak but because they have been strong for long.” Though I don’t know what you have been through or what you are currently going through, I’m quite sure that you have been strong for as long as I can remember and because being strong is what you have been doing for all these years, giving up being strong is knocking at your door and you want to let it in.

You simply want to stop standing tall for the reason that you are tired of life and you want to just close the chapter of your life because you are sure that the road ahead is very dark and it portends nothing but too much suffering but if there is one thing I can tell you right now, it is to continue going forward because that is what truly matters. Your tears are a sign that you have gone through a lot of difficulties and they are also a sign that something good is about to take place in your life.

The days you have spent on this planet are not as interesting as the days you still have ahead of you and that is why you are still alive. You are not alive because you have been a nice person or because you have done something good to God. We are bad people and it is sad. We don’t like ourselves. We don’t like the progress of our own friends and always wish others bad and if an eye for an eye was the norm, we would be dead now. God would have killed us all and the world would have been nothing but water and nothing else.

But why are you still alive at this time and at this age? Have you ever asked yourself this question? What about when you decide to poison yourself with a rat poison simply because you want to put an end to the pains of life and everything about yourself only to find after your plot against yourself that you are still alive and healthier like never before. It is because you are not a rat and you have your life to live no matter what happens. What about when you pick a rope only to hang yourself and you realize that the rope is weak enough to do the intended business for you?

It is this and you have to get it right, God  still has a plan for your life even if it takes a  good number of years or more than that, he still has a fixed time that can and will never be changed by anything not even those who hate your progress. The most important thing you can do right now as an individual is to fall in love with the progress and forgive me for this because I surely understand the price that come with waiting for God’s plan for your life. Sometimes it is hard to believe that people only wait to realize that they are gone with none of what they had been waiting for achieved or granted.

It just sucks but it is life and understand this, you are not going to move from an easy world to another, even those who are standing as the world’s greatest figures in business, technology, education and politics did not make it overnight, they have paid heavy prices and when you see them today, something in you may tell you that they might have had their box ticked before they were born but that is just a lie and forever it will remain just a lie.

I want to be clear with you and I mean these people were just like you and there were times, just as it to you now in their lives when giving up was the only thing they could do to put an end to everything that they were going through. There were also times, in their lives when they used to ask God for everything even the least of all,” please God, do this one for me, I want this money, I want this job. Please let me live long enough to complete my studies and secure a better jobs” and all the likes. But little did they know they were on a sure way to becoming some of the world’s greatest people?

I think not, they were some bunch of hopeless guys but God was writing their stories and I tell you now and I will do this even for years as long as I still hold my pen that God though he seems as if he is not interested in your life is surely writing your story and it will be read by other people sooner or later and it doesn’t matter how long it takes or if it would surely happen, you just have to believe that God is for everyone and not for lazy people or those who just cry over problems, he is a  God of those who gets up when they down.

 He is also a God of those who love others and above all a GOD of men, women, boys and girls who never gives up and if you are not contented with my findings, you just have to remember why he created you and recall the sad story of biblical Jesus, who despite being son of God still went on to suffer for mankind and now there is a point to note here and it is very important. He was a son of God and that is very interesting and when he was mocked and on top of that crucified, his father did not kill those people who mocked him and this is a sign that suffering is for everyone and it comes with many different benefits some of which we cannot understand now but live to appreciate after some years.  

These writings are my attempts to parse through humanity’s deepest questions. The writer for comments only, is reachable through 0925405723.

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