It takes years to change people

By Malek Arol Dhieu

If it takes years to change your very own nature, how long does it take you to change others? It may take you years. If you set a change in you and implement it, then it may take you not long to change others, but if you take long to change yourself, make sure it will always take you long to change others.

So many people talk about change without first changing themselves in order to change others. Changing yourself before telling others to change is advantageous because it beautifies your call for change so much that people in need of change can respond positively. In contrast, calling for people to change when you have not changed is disadvantageous because the language you speak to people sounds like Chinese, I mean sounds ineloquent, in that, it may take you years to be only asked what change are you talking about that we do not see in you, leave alone your call being accepted.

So, it is a tough task to call for change when you have not changed and it is a simple task to call for change when you have changed yourself because you are as clear as crystal in your quest for change. Very many people woke up yesterday and abandoned composing songs that may earn them lump sum of money, but instead compose songs of change when they themselves can’t become cooked in one saucer with change, I mean can’t fit in one bucket with change. Dear youths, it has taken our elders years to change us, why can’t we change ourselves instead?

Remember the natural change is unpreferable. Change is such a thing that happens to someone who is ready for it, but it feels shy to respond to someone who pretends to have changed when he/she has not changed. However voluminous his/her voice for change is, people won’t hear him/her. When shall I abandon beating around the bush? Let whatever happens to me happen! I have changed and I have set myself in motion to change others. Change is a brilliant thing that transitions people from Set A of life to Set B of life, and from Set B to Set C to Set D, and the whole lot goes on until infinity.

Never cheat on yourself that Set Z is the end of all sets of life, life has uncountable sets, in that, students wanting to specialise in number of sets of life grow grey hair while studying life. So change is important because it is the ferry that carries people across the dark parts of life, that’s why it is significant to try harder to catch up people when they are in Set C and you seem to be in Set B of life. It’s like books, you can’t read 9th edition when other students are reading 10th edition, you may think you are in the same boat but when asked to express yourselves, you will blame yourself for not carrying a pistol to shoot yourself dead. I take the lead in wanting people to change greatly. Remember we have no other people to wake us up for change, it is us and it will be always us.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

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