Speech by your enemy on your funeral rite

By Malek Arol Dhieu
When the news of your passing on finds your enemy amidst people, crocodile tears flow down his cheek, but deep down his heart, he is laughing satanically.

30 minutes later, he would flood his Facebook wall with nice words describing the deceased as irreplaceable, rare personality, generous, forgiving, humble, hero and all other soothing descriptive words to console the family.

Back at his house, a knife lands on the neck of a goat to celebrate your death. An MP3 Bluetooth speaker is put on the highest volume to make sure the true tune of the song unfolds to force happiness out of its hiding scene.

Guess who could be your enemy? Before you lift your eyes up higher to aim at your real enemy, that person you paid dowry to stay with as a partner may be the one. If not so, then that person born by your uncle whom you call cousin may be the one. Or both.

A far enemy cannot kill you without a coordination of the near enemy. A far enemy knows nothing about your secrets but when your closest enemy goes for a walk around the area where your far enemy also goes for a walk, your far enemy begins to get your secrets from your closest enemy as they converse.

Be very careful about your relatives, don’t just blindly conclude that blood is thicker than water, stagnant water is much thicker than blood! Think beyond the scope of yourself if you really want to leave a name behind. 

On your funeral day, your enemy goes to the podium with a small paper, cajoling the mourners to have noted something down about you, but in actual sense, he has written nothing in it.

He blows the microphone as if clearing it, but he is scaring your soul away from him so that the Satan in him finds space to talk nice about you.

I wish God secretly gives 10 minutes to every dead person on his/her funeral rite to identify that Judas Iscariot who terminated his/her precious life.

He goes on, as I speak to you, I still feel as if Mr. So has not died! Of course, he is right because the soul of the person you have murdered always walks with you and so, you feel like you are two in one.

He continues, such a great man shouldn’t be mourned but celebrated as he lived a legendary life. Nobody remains alive forever, but I wish he had stayed a little longer. He had told me about his illness…..’look at how he is concocting it’…. He tries to clear suspicion of the family!

After faking his speech, sugarcoating it with sympathies and adorability, he concludes it by saying we shall continue supporting the bereaved family.

At his house, another goat falls down dead. This time, he is not the one slaughtering, but a funny-dressed dude who has encircled his eyes with a chalky material and gripped tightly in his hands is something that looks like a broom.

After the meal, the man is escorted towards the Nile instead of being escorted to the park. As they part ways, the man disappears, and this also means the disappearance of the soul of the deceased so that it never comes to haunt.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

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