Is there anything to be grateful for in life?

By Elizabeth Anyieth Mayen

With the current life each of us is going through, I have comprehended that human beings be exasperated to feel or show gratitude or pleasure towards others or the creator for any negative happenings in their lives. We are only appreciative when we are in harmony and tend to be quiet or ungrateful once in sorrows.

Gratitude is a powerful positive force far from a fluffy or frivolous concept. It has real impact on physical health, emotional well-being, motivation, engagement and belonging but we tend to ignore this overwhelming force.

Well, life has subjected scads of us to a number of things and this leaves us to question ourselves, ‘is there anything to be grateful for in life?’ Look at this short view of frequent moments of our lives, there lived a man who was so poor to the extent he wouldn’t buy shoes for him to wear. He moved barefoot. Each time he looked at himself, he cried his eyes out and believed he was the only person disadvantaged by life.

Honestly, he was wrong because on the other side of the world lived a human without legs. She wouldn’t visit places except by the power of a wheelchair. This human without legs thinks God is too harsh on her and feels like committing suicide just to cut short the suffering she is undergoing. She sobs like a child.

Do you know what, this lady is also wrong, there is a person outside there so sick and bedridden in tears of regrets for being ‘born to suffer” as he states in murmurs’, he is there asking God why he has forsaken her but again he will cease shedding tears after having a dead body being taken to the mortuary at his sight.

People have gone through civil wars, communal conflicts, floods, accidents and so on which have negatively changed their lives. There are those who have been backbiting by friends but have gone through these trials and hardships successfully. There are those who were taken for rituals and due to the Grace of God, they withstood the temptation.

Outside their lives people whom life has tormented severally such as lacking school fees, what to eat but their friends worked hard to see them with elegant smiles each day.

To answer the question, yes, there are things to be grateful for in life. There are trials you have passed and others failed them to death. ‘Is it hard to say ‘I am thankful for you in life, I appreciate you.’ this appreciative words are not only meant for people who helped you in one way or the other but also to the creator of the universe. Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.

Listen here, Life exposes us to different kinds of situations, both good and bad and makes us think there is no any other heaven and hell we shall find except what we are going through. This isn’t true. Appreciate whatever thing life has for you because you have no idea of what other people of your calibre are going through in your absence.

 Their stories may be worse than your own. You have seen people die, others sleeping without eating anything, some are so sick, but you have gone through all this.  Be grateful.

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