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Liquid Telecom officially rebranded to Liquid Intelligent Technologies

By Mary Poni

Liquid Telecom South Sudan, a pan-African technology company and a business of Cassava Technologies, has been officially rebranded as Liquid Intelligent Technologies South Sudan.

The CEO for Liquid Intelligent Technologies South Sudan Mr. Martin Mushambadope in a press conference yesterday declared to the media that Liquid Telecom South Sudan, has been officially rebranded as Liquid Intelligent Technologies South Sudan.

Liquid Telecom rebranding reflects its transformation into a one-stop-shop technology group for local businesses and consumers.

The rebrand also indicates Liquid’s expansion into several business services, including Cloud, Cyber Security, and other technologies adding to its existing products and connectivity services.

Martin said the rebrand has been necessitude by the evolution of transitioning the environment that they are operating in.

“This strategic rebranding to Liquid Intelligent Technologies is us saying that our customers and the country are now positioning for future applications that run on the assets that we have built in Africa,” said Liquid Intelligent Technologies South Sudan CEO Martin.

“We are looking at South Sudan getting to the cutting edge and bringing the rest of the world to South Sudan whilst taking the country to the rest of the world.”

Liquid Intelligent Technologies is also leveraging its digital network to provide Cloud and Cyber Security solutions through strategic partnerships with leading global players.

“Fast, reliable, pervasive, and affordable internet is a human right. This is a cornerstone of Liquid’s investment strategy in South Sudan with terrestrial fiber, satellite, and other wireless technologies,” said Martin.

“We want to ensure that wherever there is a business, a home, an entrepreneur, an incubation hub, or even a student who wants to initiate something for the greater goodness of South Sudan, ultimately Africa and the world, they have the necessary connectivity.”

 The CEO noted that they are proud to partner with South Sudan in its ongoing digital transformation.

As per now, liquid is only focusing on telecoms the legacy of infrastructure that brings the platform to do telecommunication and they have built more than 100,000kms fibers in Africa.

Martin stated that the future is not premised on the application, the softwires, systems integrations that run on the infrastructure built.

“We are positioning ourselves for the future, and we no longer focus on the infrastructure alone but also the services that run the infrastructure,” he said.

“You will notice if you have that infrastructure plus the largest data centers in Africa, it will give you the best platform to offer fiber security services, cloud services and manage services,” he added.

He underlined that there is a whole load of services that would be coming because they are now focusing on the cyber security, cloud and data centers.

“We have invested significantly since 2019 two lines of fibers spanning two hundred and fifteen (215) kilometers from Elegu, Nimule to Juba and within the metro, we have covered the majority of Juba in terms of metro coverage for fiber deployment,” Martin cited.

He stated that company invested heavily in terms of the configurations of their satellite infrastructure to make sure that the spotbeams of “our satellite are focusing on South Sudan”.

“We have connected people from different remote areas across the country.”  Martin said. Adding that as business, it generally focuses on where demand is but because they are carrying a mandate for digitally connected future definitely it will leave no African behind.

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