Life is hacked just like an account

By Malek Arol Dhieu

There are those things you always want to remain between you and yourself, and if God knows everything like the Bible says, then your second party may be Him.

Privacy or secrecy is as important in life as it hides things unpleasant to others to one self. There are only three people who can scam you in life and these people are your friend, relative and you yourself.

There is that friend who befriends you purposely to hack you, such a friend is a specialist in Confidence trick. He/she may be sent somewhere, maybe by your enemy; to gain access into you and once gained access into, you will be under somebody’s control, not you yourself.

There is that relative of yours who survives on selling your personal information to people you often lock your horns with. Sometimes, your relative can do this for survival or as a result of spontaneous counteraction that exists among relatives.

It’s you to identify “who is to trust and who is not to” among your relatives. Once you have identified that thug, I mean that scammer, you can never go to court to separate since you are blood-related, but you can buy for yourself superglue to affix your lips so that gaining access into you becomes quite difficult.

You can hack yourself for others to hack you! You know you are a key to your lock and when you keep your key in a common place  reachable by other people, believe me when you log on yourself to check your daily activities, the password you have been entering to unlock your life will refuse to unlock you.

You may wonder what the problem could be, but you are the problem! How can you be a hacker to your own self? When you are in a conversation with friends and colleagues, never draw their attention by unearthing who you are, never please them to believe in you by making yourself as a person who never hides.

Never talk about your problems or about how you are handled in your family as a means to get sponsored. Never be seduced into talking against somebody absent or somebody who just rose up among you a minute ago to go for a short call.

However much your friends and colleagues reveal how they survive, don’t let your sympathy fool you to reveal yours as you may not know whether or not they are forging their ways of survival.

When you do any of the above-mentioned, somebody among your friends and colleagues may be busy stealing your password word by word, digit by digit, line by line in case your password is a pattern or print by print in case your password is a fingerprint.

What happens then? You may read a story tomorrow written in words that sound exactly like the words you used yesterday in your conversation. Once this happens, you are hacked completely, and once hacked; you will never be originally you but another version of you chasing exposed dreams.

You will always curl your tail inside you because you have perforated yourself to allow people see through you more clearly. That pride in you has fallen because your life is scammed. Secure your life to avoid such a tragedy!

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

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