Parliamentarians’ death toll hits 62 since independence

By Taban Tom Henry

The Transitional National Legislative Assembly has recorded an estimated 62 legislators who have died in the Country since its inception.

Chairperson for the Specialized Committee of Information in the R-TNLA, John Agany Deng revealed to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper in an interview that the Parliament has recorded an estimated 62 legislators who died from different sicknesses.

He said that the death toll has been registered from 2010 till present.

“The members who died are now 62 including the two other members who died this week, so in summary 62 members of parliament have died of different sicknesses,” he said.

Agany said last month alone they lost three members of the national assembly including Hon. Jasmine Samuel, and two other MPs, one from Western Equatoria and the other from Central Equatoria State.

The Assembly spokesperson said though the 62 MPs died of natural deaths, lack of proper medical insurance is to blame for the too much deaths.

 “I think it is better for the members of parliament to have the medication insurances so that you can follow every year, you (MPs) go for general medical checkup and then find out whether you are health or sick and this can be the only solution which can be done,”

The parliamentary leadership continue to adjourn sittings as it continues to mourn the departed souls of their colleagues.

The parliament was supposed to have a sitting yesterday in order to hear the joint presentation from the standing committee for National Security and public Order and also a committee of legislation and Justice on the National Police Service amendment Bill 2022 at the third reading stage by the chairpersons.

However, due to the tragedy that has befallen the august house, the sitting was adjourned.

First Deputy Speaker Nathaniel Oyet Pierino stated that generally this month has not been good for the August house considering also the fact that such losses come accidentally.

“Hon. Veronica Louis was with me in my office, she was coming with the acting chairperson for their specialized committee for a meeting, she was well not even complaining of any sickness but then unfortunately as people returned back home the following day we received a sad news of her demise  which was shocking and heart breaking,” he said.

Oyet noted that the late Veronica Louis body is still lying in the Mortuary adding that the leadership of the parliament and the parliamentarians in general cannot continue with the sitting while one of our members is lying in the Mortuary. He said burial arrangements were underway and today the body will be brought to the parliament for viewing.

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