‘Witches,’ Salva Mathok rubbishes ill-health rumors

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The controversial Member of Parliament at the national assembly who reportedly set a church ablaze in Gogrial East County over the weekend rubbished ill social media reports on his health.

Social media was taken awash by a rumor alleging that the lawmaker from Gogrial East constituency who burnt down a Seventh day Adventist church in his area got injured in the neck under peculiar circumstance.

Phow Radio FM, an unreliable Facebook page yesterday posted on its news page that “the controversial member of R-TNLA who once served as interior minister Gen. Salva Mathok Gengdit reportedly collapsed while standing and talking on the phone at his home and that later caused terrible harm to his neck in Warrap State this morning, (Tuesday) it reported.

The social media page known for sharing fake unverified reports further stated that a family member told them (Phow Radio FM) that Gen. Mathok was flown to Juba where he will possibly be airlifted to Nairobi for an intensive medical attention by yesterday morning.

However, when contacted by No.1 Citizen daily newspaper about the rumors Gen. Salva Mathok refuted the claims soundly saying he is alive and kicking and he even attended Tuesday’s assembly sitting that was later adjourned.

The MP rubbished the Social Media propaganda terming those wishing him bad health as witches.

The ill-health rumor of Gen. Mathok comes few days ago, after the Gogrial East lawmaker set the Seventh Day Adventist Church ablaze in his constituency claiming that the Church was practicing immorality and abolishing traditional morals within his community.

This incident later prompted social media debate with majority criticizing his action as raping of the constitution.

Gen. Mathok told this paper that one evident that shows he is healthy and didn’t sustain the allege injury was his presence in the Assembly Tuesday, directing his critics to follow their television for more evidence.

“I was in the Assembly sitting this morning until the Assembly meeting was adjourned and then I went for another meeting in Bilpam,” he said. “It’s all rubbish,” he reacted to the rumor surrounding his health.

The MP was shocked with the rumor saying “I don’t know how I can express that one. He then arguably said in Juba Arabic that “Dee Nass saharin,” loosely translated in English as evil people or witches, wishing him sickness.

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