What immunity does V8 drivers have?

By Malek Arol Dhieu
When you see V8 drivers driving, it is as if they are driving in a trafficless world! So reckless and juncaceous as if they are licensed to drive so!
When you see a V8 car stopping at a jamming point, it is either the driver just dreamt last night that he had an accident in which he lost his life or there is no space for it to overtake other cars in front of it.

On several occasions, V8 cars have been observed to involve in fatal accidents more than other cars, and it is recklessness which augments it. The fact that V8 cars are for government officials has made private and public car drivers assume that every V8 passing may be carrying a government official, and that, it should be excused to rush to where they always rush to. This is misleading!

Even mere dudes having money to afford buying a V8 car can coax people into being excused always when he/she is rushing nowhere. Another annoying act by V8 drivers is the covering of the number plate to mean that the person being carried inside the car is either Salva Kiir Mayardit or one of his immediate cohorts. This has been troubling traffic officers to salute for a car carrying nobody other than the rankless driver!

But the undeniable truth is that whether or not the number plate is covered, all V8 drivers act as if they just parted ways with President Salva Kiir Mayardit a minute ago. Some of them drive as if they are rushing to take that high profile government official to his office, but in reality, they are rushing either to check for the latest liquor in the brewery or book hotel rooms for slay queens. This is nothing, but madness of high degree!

Most of the cars, both private and public, moving with damaged windshields have their damages caused by V8 cars, and the dismay is that, the V8 drivers either stop to threaten them or proceed driving ignorantly as if nothing has happened.  This is inhumane!

Not only that, most, if not all, of the electricity poles found knocked down in the morning are knocked down by V8 drivers, not forgetting the barrier built to separate the lenses of the road and segments of the roundabouts being unearthed.

As rampant as breaking of traffic rules, V8 drivers appear on top of the list because, as cars make jam at the jamming points, V8 drivers blindly cross to opposite side of the road to use it for passage, and this is traffic biasness.

Having occurred many times and no traffic measures are taken against them, private and public cars adapt to crossing to use the opposite side of the road, thus causing jam bilaterally. This makes Juba City look trafficless.

It has been made an order by the Traffic Authority that government cars should not move after 5 o’clock as it looks irresponsible and unethical to do so after working hours, but because government officials are above God and law, no compliance is seen completely.

I surely know that the day an effective traffic rule will be set and adhered to is the day that one of the V8 cars knocks down a loved one of one of the high government officials. I’m praying for that day to come sooner because it will save many lives though it will go with one innocent soul.

Traffic officers must open their third eye to tighten traffic rules because non-government officials having V8 cars may be the ones causing this terror. Finally, government officials must talk to their V8 drivers to see pedestrians as pedestrians today, but as car owners tomorrow!

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

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