Learning to fight your own battles

By Ngor Khot Garang

The world is a very wicked place. Here exists many problems with little or no solutions at all. It could be some struggles after something and it is not working. You hope that one day something good will happen. Maybe after graduation the situation will never be the same.

Then you go on a journey to find yourself. The battle to get school fees comes with its own strokes of canes and you just wipe your tears. You read hard. You try your best and some good grades gives you a little temporary atmosphere of relief.

Before you settle down to celebrate your academic achievements, a knock at the door and guess what? School fees already waiting with face down or else you will not be able to see the inside of the class. You pray and within a minute a phone call has already reached your uncle or a cousin.

You need some help. Your voice too weak and low. Your uncle tells you thousands of his own problems and that he is too in need of a help. Your world begun to laugh at you.  God on the other hand would tell you that he is busy and could not attend to you at the moment.

You just have to give patience a chance. God will make a way. You go out again and try and luckily, you managed again by yourself to cover the tuition fees. It goes on this way till you are done. The hope is still there. He has been your only friend.

It is now your graduation ceremony. The family will come to celebrate your success. Your happiness will come a little moment to stay with you in the house. People will talk and your uncle just comes in. He wants you to drop your CV in his office only to realize later that he was talking under the influence of an alcohol.

By this time, you will begin to learn that the world has some of the saddest stories to tell you but why always you will be the only question and there is no wonder. This is the life we live. Am sorry but it is not kind. 

When it is not working. Even in difficult moments of pain and defeat. When your world is just prostrate. You need to know that it is not you alone in the journey. Sometimes we don’t believe this but it is a hard truth that there are millions of people who are dreaming of this life that we have.

Do you know that there are people who have never been driven with a car since they were born? Do you know there are people who have never once tasted soda that cost roughly SSP 500?  Are you also aware that there are couples who have been married for five years and have no child?

Let us all be humble and appreciate the fact we exist. It beats all the good things in this world to be alive because it is a sign there is still a business that we must do on this planet. God is not done with us yet. No matter the circumstances or the intensity of pain. There is still a need to be hopeful.

It costs nothing to be hopeful and nobody will ever arrest you for that. We still have an unfinished business with God and whatever it may be, he is the one in charge. Maybe sometimes when your problems are many you reach out to him for help and he just pushes you down. This is not the way it is. God loves us even with our burdens. He just want to see how strong we are and how we are prepared to deal with pain.

I know how painful it is to remain strong but this is all that we have. We should not run away from problems because even where we are heading to has a lot more. Life itself is a problem. Maybe your biggest problem is lack of money and when you get it, you will learn that you need something more than money, a peace of mind.

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