Communities urged to support orphans suffering in Yei

By James Innocent

Child Protection partners joined to train young people who are orphans with a call to build their capacity and improve talents, Kikiji National Orphanage center and Nzuri Daima Foundation called on communities of Yei River County in Central Equatoria State to care for the suffering children who are living without their biological parents.

Many children lost their parents during the conflict and others separated during the 2016 war, that made thousands to leave their homeland and went to the neighbouirng countries seeking for refugee.

Almudena Barbero, working for Nzuri Daima Foundation said it is the collective responsibility of the community to care for the children living in the community without parental care as they share their own ideas of suffering.

“All of us in the community are all responsible to care for the children as I see, many children are making me surprised, when I see them suffering, it really gives me so much thought and stress so our responsibility as partners and communities is to care for the orphans by working together in every situation of our lives by helping them in all areas of life,” she said.

“She also urged the community to care for the young people as they are supporting the young people by giving them talents that might help them in the coming future. They can use such talents for business and some other areas to raise money and we shouldn’t wait for some people to come and help us, rather we think about what is good in all values of life by using the same talents,” she urged.

Meanwhile the founder of Kikiji National Orphanage, Dominic Living Wawa stated that God has answered their prayers to partner with Nzuri Daima Foundation to identify the talents of the young people who are orphans, “God has answered our prayers to partner together with the Nzuri Daima Foundation from Spain who responded quickly to train the young children in acrobatic skills and gymnastic skills and I thank the partner for developing skills for our children, so I have been telling the communities of Yei that God has given the young people who are orphans and the whole country that the vulnerable children in our communities have talents which need our collective responsibility,” he stated. 

Dominic added that they have more than fifty children both boys and girls training on the acrobatic project and they are grateful to the partner for providing support for the training and we are so mush happy for the partner helping us in paying the coaches, providing food and as they are training to help them have knowledge and skills that will move the young people in the whole of South Sudan and the whole of East African countries and the rest of the world.

Orphans displaying their gymnastic skills in Yei – Photo by James Innocent

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