God balances this world. If you have something, you lose something

Sometimes your need for freedom takes away your freedom. No wonder, if you have security, you lose freedom. I enjoy more freedom than a South Sudanese minister or MP. I can buy banana anywhere and enjoy without this worry that somebody is looking for me.

In this case, I experience life first hand. In this country, one gain is another loss.  Most times, we just do a great job of hiding things.  But at the end of the day, this country is beating all of us. At the end of the day, we are all being bruised by South Sudan.

I don’t like zero sum games where one-party wins and the other loses. I don’t put people on the side line and see how they will play if given a chance. I understand that every person I cross paths with is fighting a serious battle and they deserve my respect. I don’t judge nor do I beg for attention. If I see something in you, I will make you a friend and when you show me your negative side, I will learn and leave you alone.

I don’t like people who think they are better than others, I stay away from those people. In each one of us, there is ego. You cannot fight it back but you can have it tamed. I also don’t like those who drag others down to feel better.  When people talk against someone, I don’t say their words are correct and make my conclusion about that person.

I will prove it myself, and if I do, who doesn’t make mistakes? You think people are perfect? That is a lie. Even church priests commit adultery and still act as if they are godly. Don’t rely on your pastors, you need to find fault and learn from their mistakes. 

There are people who pray for others, you need to be mindful of them too, they may not mean what they are saying in prayer. You never know how many doors that prayer will close and the ones it will open. A few weeks ago, the pope had it that fornication was a minor sin. The people who have gone through the process were now relieved.

There is nothing like a minor sin; all the wrongful acts deserve equal punishments. Don’t always accept things without question. You never know, even a thief will visit you in the middle of the night and say it is written that I will come like a thief. In this case, he will deceive you that he is Jesus.

You know when you are sending gifts like glasses to a friend or a family member, you will write something like this in red, THIS IS BREAKABLE, HANDLE IT WITH CARE, this is to remind the receiver of the fragility of the glasses.

If you get something like this, that is true love. You cannot know the level of love but it is understandable through things like that. Some people don’t actually give when they give you money, they just want to let you go.

What about people who teach you how to receive fish instead of showing you how to catch for yourself? This life is bad.  When you are accused of murder, will your spouse or friend stand with you and depend you even when it means death?

Don’t get me on the way and think I’m fat, you never know that I might be sick. Some things are the opposite of what we think they are. Nothing lasts forever, even your happiness too.  Have you ever seen someone in a mortuary? There are fridges in there. They don’t mind if you are poor, rich or powerful.

The people who will wash your body will be the same people you will never cross paths with. Life has a way of disciplining people. Do you have an idea why tears taste salty? There are no sweet tears, even those who shed tears of joy when you succeed could be meaning something different.

I question people who would wait for your demise and rush to social media and deceive people about how a great person you have been. Not very condolence message is worth it. If you love someone, go forward and support their family or children if you can because that person will never come back to life.

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