Minister warns against threatening foreign investors

By Bid Elly David

The national Ministry of Investment has warned local traders against threats on foreign traders and investors in exercise of their investment projects in the Country urging them to create a sustainable business relationship and environment with foreign investors to give rise to domestic enterprises.

This development transpired following complaints by local traders accusing the aliens for having scooped all investment and business opportunities from them without any compromise and respect to them as citizens.

South Sudan after her independence faced serious and inconsistent economic turmoil and recession with continuous decline of its gross domestic product (GDP) to the lowest grade. The Country’s business sector has mostly been dominated by foreign investors through market monopoly.

The domination of the commercial sector by the aliens has made the domiciles to raise alarms saying that businesses were forcefully being snatched off by foreign intruders in the Country giving them no space to run enterprises of all kinds.

Speaking to the participants during a competitive initiative for entrepreneurial services in Juba recently, Adier Yuang the director general at the national Ministry of investment said that South Sudanese should render positive response to foreign investors and avoid imposing mistreatment of all kinds to discourage their projects.

He said that the influx of foreign investors into the Country has been one of the major ways for generating revenues to the government’s treasuries which reciprocate in return as services to the citizens through education, medical and health services.

He further called on the citizens to learn and exchange business ideas with the foreigners to enable them establish complex businesses aimed at generating profits to improve family livelihood and national development.

He echoed that the tendency of raising complaints without investing efforts towards success could not help or plant developmental thoughts or ideas.

Yuang further called on the citizens to style up and start investing in their own nation before the aliens evacuate the Country.

He said that the private sector is one of the significant sectors in the world towards building and developing a nation through income generation.

“There are two sectors globally. The public sector represented by the government and the private sector represented by investors and business people. The private sector is one of the biggest sectors towards improving the shapes of nations through investment and development. It is the backbone of any Country including the super power Countries. Most governments on the earth depend much on private sectors for revenues because it is the engine for quick revenue generation to the government,” he said.

He called on the citizens of South Sudan to invest much in businesses to develop the nation through education and other sectors.

He also warned lazy South Sudanese to stop being redundant and concentrate on doing businesses that would not promote laziness but money.

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