Authorities blame armed youth over Pibor mayhem

By Kiden Stela Mandela

Authorities in Pibor administrative area said the attack that started on Monday morning was worsening in Gumuruk County and Kongor payam of Likwangole County.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday (Tuesday 27th December 2022) in a phone interview, Pibor information Minister Abraham Kelang said the attack that was threatening the lives of civilians was caused by armed youth from Jonglei state.

“The people behind this fight are the armed youth from Jonglei, Lou-Nuer which is causing the suffering of the community in Gumuruk, women and children are being killed and kicked out of the area while hunger is also a threat,” Kelang narrated.

“They are being supplied guns but I can’t mention any party, but it is true that there are strong bodies that are supporting, they are attacking government places, commissioner’s areas and they also killed one SSPDF solider which is clearly showing that there are some strong bodies providing them with the machines” Kelang Confirmed to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper.

He said all the governors were given orders by SPLA/M on the issue of mobilization almost two weeks ago and also the chief administrator tried to talk to the governor of Jonglei concerning the issue of the youth mobilization.

Meanwhile the information minister of Jonglei state told No.1Citizen Daily Newspaper in a phone interview that, “no that is not true because it is the youths from the Pibor Administrative Area that are attacking the youths in Jonglei state but all in all they are criminals and we are yet to investigate if it is true”.

Also seen in the statement forwarded to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper “we are calling on the National government to intervene and be part of the solutions into ending this cycle of violence, Killing, Child abduction and Cattle raiding in Jonglei and the GPAA as government of Jonglei state. We are reaffirming our commitment towards peace between our people and those of greater Pibor Administrative Area and as we agreed up on October 16th 2022 in Pibor town that we will always call Criminals as Criminals and not as communities or ethnicity because the atrocities being committed are perpetuated by individuals who acted on their own”.

However, an SSPDF statement extended to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday evening confirmed that on December 26th 2022, in the afternoon, heavily armed members of the white Army supported by others wearing green uniforms launched Simultaneous attacks on Gumuruk and Likwangole towns in greater Pibor Administrative Area.

“SSPDF Forces from Agrab independent Brigade heroically fought in Self-defense but withdrew from Gumuruk in early hours of December 27th 2022, however, SSPDF Forces are still in combat at Kongor Village of Likwangole County” it said. “SSPDF Forces GHQs would like to categorically state that the attacks on government held towns of Gumuruk and Likwangole are clear acts of rebellion that must be dealt with,” the statement said.

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