If you can dream it, you can achieve it

By Malek Arol Dhieu

People should dismiss a belief in their medulla oblongatas that a dream dreamt while asleep is the only dream achievable, one can even dream while awake and the whole lot succeeds. It isn’t hard to dream, what’s hard is the intelligence to interpret your dream more further to such an extent that you can imagine as if you have achieved it so that the obstacles and privileges of your dream may caution you in your real struggle for it.

What type of a dream am I talking about here? In capital letters, it’s none of my very business to talk about romantic, retaliatory, envious, or outrageous dreams, but I’m talking about success dreams, and in case failure strikes as it always works hand in hand with success, I can too talk about failure.  When a dream of success appears to you whether at night or daylight, then it’s your own potential that signals you towards a new dawn.

God is forever unique in nature; He creates human beings and gives them the keys to their rooms of success. So, it’s up to one to get lost or reach his/her room of success. For people who get lost, they either force themselves to dream, leading to having dreams with negative entailments or pursue dreams because their colleagues are pursuing theirs. If your conditions force you to wish for a dream, you will never dream because having a dream, not just a dream but a successful dream, is connected with having peace of mind.

On the other hand, dreams imitated are dreams unsuccessfully achieved. Every one of us has a dream but the time this dream appears to us differs greatly in that there are people whose dreams appear in youthhood and those whose dreams appear in elderhood. So, if it happens that your dream doesn’t appear in youthhood, never lose hope, it’s awaiting you in elderhood.

 Consequentially, if you pretend to have dreamt because your age mates or colleagues have dreamt for the fear that you may be called a failure, then you have mocked your own dream to a greater extent that it may not ripen well however much you have planned to tackle it. For people who reach their successes, they become patient to make sure their dreams ripen well before they eat them on fire.

 Some success dreams are too heavy that one can’t interpret them alone, and so, one has to look for a broad-minded person to interpret them more wider meanwhile other dreams are murderous that they can’t allow you wake up in the morning, among such dreams are an envious dream of becoming your own cousin, a dream of becoming a president, especially in Africa, to mention a few. The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a, knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind, says Sigmund Freud. So, it’s more of a succeeding idea to interpret your dream rather than to leave it uninterpreted.

When you have a dream that you can’t let it go, then trust your instincts to pursue it, but carry at the tip of your nose that real dreams take work, patience and require you sometimes to dig down very deep in order to succeed. Remember Jesse Jackson says, no one should negotiate his/her dreams but dreams must be free to fly high, adding that no government and no legislature has a right to limit your dreams.

 You should never agree to surrender your dreams. If you can remember in the morning that you have dreamt last night, what can prevent you from chasing that dream? What’s hard is having a clear dream, but if you have a clear dream, then follow it.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

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