The country needs peace, not violence

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By Kiden Stela Mandela

South Sudanese generally need peace in the country, it has become a history that today if the other part of the country is okay, the other will be in serious clashes, the leaders of this country should open up their eyes on the issues of clashes taking place in some parts of the country.

You can now see that the attacks are just continuing since it started on 28 December up to date in Pibor Administrative Area, and it is worsening in all those counties and payam. Such kinds of violence threaten the lives of civilians who are dying in the process of finding safety in crossfire. It started as mobilization by armed youth from Jonglei and Pibor and even in Central Equatoria state Mangala Payam, the youth have been accusing one another until it created a difficult situation for citizens living in their peaceful areas to the displacement sides and in all these atrocities, women and children are the most suffering group, the have been killed during crossfire, the face hunger and medical care has become a problem since they are kicked out by the forces, yet we are in the peace process. The question is; when it started as armed youth, where was the government to immediately to rescue the situation?

It is good if the Government and other political parties will think twice to either disarm civilians and cattle raiders to stop communal violence.

As for now the issue of armed youth has created landscape for even Ethiopian armed youth to attack where twenty-three people have been killed and fourteen others injured.

This is a terrible situation which looks like it is politically motivated. And if this is done by our politicians then you have started losing votes in the coming fourth election because the population is reducing daily and nobody is taking care of the situation. I’m calling upon the national government to intervene in the issue of armed youth group and question the Ethiopian presence in attacking the armed youth in Pibor, who gave them the mandate?

I appreciate the authorities more especially the police who managed to arrest forty-four gangs amid insecurity in the country especially in Lologo area, this so-called wrong group who mostly threaten the lives of people in the city. It is good news that they are arrested to face the law and should be punished according to the atrocities they caused all these years; the only bad thing is that some of them are children of some generals who are in the army and will order for the removal of their children from the custody without finishing their punishment.

God Bless South Sudan.

Be right there!

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