Anger consumes people more than hunger

By Malek Arol Dhieu
Anger is a disease of the soul. If you want to relocate your house to the cemetery urgently, feel angry for only one week. You will find yourself wasted on the eighth day.
Your muscles are gone! Your mental capacity is gone! Movement becomes limited! Though breathing, you are breathing for time being. He who easily feels angry is nothing, but a food of ants and maggots. But why should one subject him/herself to a soul-destroying character when it can be controlled?

Anger is natural, but its control is natural too. The one who can’t control anger is abnormal and deserves one of the names of abnormal people.
The Bible is a book of life, but only a few people read it. It best talks about how anger kills oneself and how it should be controlled. “When you feel angry, do not let the sun set when you are still angry”, says the Bible.

Except members of the ignorant world, but those of the attentive world have understood this verse to its core, to its real core that when they feel angry at, for instance, 8 AM, 12 PM would not clock when they have not flattened the threshold of their anger. They do it as the Bible says, and that’s why such people’s names are in the list of nonagenarians.
In case pastors have never preached this verse in your presence in the church, let me give you a hindsight about it. Anger shuts down one’s capacity to plan for tomorrow! Anger makes one unfriendly! Anger chases away one’s companions! Anger takes a razor blade and cuts one’s connections with others!

Anger confines one in a dark room! Anger makes one hate everything, including him/herself. Anger becomes an obstacle to one’s success. Anger drives one to an unknown destination. Anger is one’s unknown gunman. Anger makes one take the law into his/her hands.
Anger is a flame which burns every tissue of you to the point of death. Anger makes one concentrate only on how to harm the one who makes him/her angry. Anger is a risk factor for stress, friendship syndrome, intraconflict, divorce, self-harm, ageing, failure, violence, hate speech and other catastrophic effects to oneself. 

When you meet an angry man, he walks facing down, he never looks right and left, forward and backward to check for safety. So quarrelsome is an angry man as the problem says an angry man quarrels with his tools. Anger makes one view things not at the angle of peace, but at the angle of war. Anger shortens one’s life expectancy.
When an angry man dies, people go uphill searching for the cause of death. Others go as far as accusing enemies of having a hand in his death, but they forget that anger is a silent killer of souls.

To be anger-free, avoid making others angry so that you are not angered back. To release yourself from anger, do not keep what has made you angry. Share it with someone and look for a solution as early as possible to avoid anger consuming you.
The fact that a hungry man is an angry man can’t be denied because even “God bless you” sounds like an insult to a hungry man. But another fact that both of them take people closer to graveyard can’t be underemphasized as well. Thanks for reading “Sowing the seed of truth”.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

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