God’s plans never change

By Ngor Khot Garang

No one can predict the future because we are not supernatural human beings. We are weak and bound to die at any age and at any time. Nobody among us can tell what awaits him/her in the future.

But many happenings have ignited our faith that in spite of difficulties in life, there is a part of us that is always hopeful about a better tomorrow.

It may not make sense to us right now if someone encourages us to remain resolute in the most challenging times but the sun always comes after rain and it doesn’t matter the intensity of the rain, it will surely stop.

There is no need to panic over the things of this world. It is not a good place as we know but why can’t we stand tall like those who have done it before?

Do we know that some people like us have once gone through the same situations to become who they are today?

Have you once laid down on your bed and thought about what comes after suffering? If you don’t know it yet, it is called “success”. I am not a successful person but I believe I’m just the person God wanted to create and he knows why chose me.

So, this gives me strength and hope that even though today is filled with disappointments, pains and suffering, my tomorrow will bring joy, happiness and everlasting peace.

That is the way we should all feel. We are human beings and we succumb to problems but that does not mean it is the end of life. God changes people’s stories and you never know you are the next person he is preparing to attend to.

How many times have you reminded yourself of how you hated this life and how you wished you were dead but you still find yourself waking up in the morning fresh and healthy?

This means that something that will wash the pains of the past will happen in your life. I know you can twist things like when is it going to happen when I have been waiting for so long. But I’m sorry, things don’t work that way. The fact that you are still living means it will surely happen.

Therefore, if you fall down today don’t forget to get yourself up because you were never meant to remain down when you still had the strength to move on.

I have known one person I can describe as a pearl who never loses its preciousness even in times of too much pain.

His name is Mr. Ojuku. For all his childhood, Ojuku has not seen what a good life looks like. His life from childhood was a series of misfortunes. At age 13 he lost his dad and his mum abandoned him leaving him a street child.

Ojuku tried in his might to survive in an unfair world but life blows were irresistible and he nearly gave up but the knowledge that it would be wrong to give up kept him going and today Ojuku is married with three kids, had a house of his own and he is leading a happy life.

Isn’t it awesome? If this man hadn’t taken advantage of his situation, he would have died an unfulfilled person and God would have blamed him for that.

In everything we do and every condition, let us remember that there is an end which is sweeter than the past.

Your parents may not have not planned to give birth to you but God did and that is why he brought your parents together to give birth to you.

They might be poor people, they might be people with little or no education but they have given birth to you and you will bring the joy and the fulfillment they need in their life.

Now, you have to take responsibility for your life and see the obstacles as stepping stones. Nothing is easy and it will never be so. It is you who will change everything and color your own world.

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