We write to tell the present to prepare the future

By Malek Arol Dhieu

Telling the present to alert the future is as if you are talking to today to alert tomorrow. The present is too unfavourable to write about so that it signals the future to become over-favourable for all. The badness of the present is its selectivity in wellbeing of the same people who sacrificed for its existence.

It is to be taken into accounts that the present has unfolded colors that the past had not even attempted to unfold for no reason other than the oneness of the past. What determines the future lies in the past and present moments, but in situations where the past had determinations and the present does not have, it confuses the future where to pick up from? Because of the future being child-like, it is shaped and brightened by the present and if it happens that the present is unable to do that, it should be awakened by night workers, I mean writers.

The present speaks in a language that troubles the future to look for an interpreter and imposes policies that are pernicious and intolerable so as to infect the future suffer from the same disease. Talking seriously to the present to spare the future is deathful, very deathful like being a frontline worker for Coronavirus. With similarities between the past and the future, the present appears odious and hazardous to persevere with, engraving the past completely and becoming needle and thread with the future to drag it down.

To make it clearer, a few far-seers are reporting that the present has already caught the future by the belt, and that, the future is in the custody to await orientations and transformations which, when disagreeing to cope with them, will be sentenced to life in prison to allow the present continue without worries. The future owners are fearing to stage an immediate protest to rescue the future unoriented and untransformed to look and behave like the present, but there is no blame at all as the present is more powerful and equipped to destroy the real future and create its own future full of instinct to do what is in its best interest.

What a dismay! If the present continues presiding over the future, then there shall be no traces of the future in archives to remind the present of the existence of the future. It is unavoidable for the future to emerge, but the future that originates deep in the present looks identical to the present and expected to follow its footsteps.

It is very unfortunate that the present is exemplified by the things that the future swears not to encourage and tolerate at all. They include hunger, killing, poverty, corruption, tribalism, sectarianism, dynasty and many more, which the future has been expecting the present to flatten as part of the preparation to welcome the future.

Both the present and the future deserve blames for not sequestering powers and clearly demarcate borders between them so that the present does not act like a master key that opens any padlock as typified now by the way it behaves borderlessly. Despite the incomparable strength of the present to break down checkpoints, constitution and individual rights, it would have felt the dangers of the future in search for an excuse to try it if it were not the reason that the future is handcuffed and incapacitated to think of other alternatives.

 To the future, if the present has failed to prepare you and refused to excuse you, what can you do as somebody who is highly expected to raise the standards of living and antagonize the entire present to bring life to simplicity? If you think you are alone, then take a minute and turn back, you will see your powerful brother called ‘law’ whose fighting never stops until something happens.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

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