Humanitarian minister calls for perfection of agriculture and security

By Bida Elly David

The National minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management has called on commercial banks and operating companies across the country to promote agriculture and support affected states suffering from both natural and manmade disasters.

He made this call during the inauguration of the Cooperative Bank Visa program in Juba over the weekend.

Speaking during the program, Albino Akol Atak, the new minster of humanitarian affairs said that it is crucial for banks and companies across the country to aid the government towards rescuing the situation of the needy in the country.

Albino said that South Sudan is in a desperate situation where the majority have been affected by the inter-communal violence and natural disasters such as the flooding, draught and starvation that needs intervention of people of good will to extend their hands.

He commended Cooperative Bank for having created a branch in Wau so that it renders cooperative services such as loans to people who desire to generate income to improve their standard of living across the nation.

“South Sudan has been affected by both natural and man-made disasters. I am very glad that banks have been contributing towards delivering cooperative services to the citizens. We need more help to the affected states with both natural and man-made disasters” he said.

Akol said that two thirds of South Sudan population has been displaced to the neighouring countries due to the conflicts in the country and with this, banks and humanitarian organizations have got free mandate to aid the affected citizens in either way.

He stated that the government of South Sudan especially his ministry would fully appreciate if banks and humanitarian affairs stand in support of agricultural activities to prioritize food security in the country.

“The Bank of South Sudan is very happy with the support that commercial banks extend to the citizens. We need you to help us in support of agricultural activities to fight over dependency. Our people are in serious need of help. The government especially the ministry of humanitarian affairs will stand for you with your support” Akol said.

Akol stated that agriculture is the only hope to restore the recessed economy if it is given the chance to rise through proper security and free will from South Sudanese to support it.

Moreover, he added that the country is in continuous economic challenges due to poor agricultural production generated from passive security.

He said that if the agricultural sector and the security are mended, the recessed economy will automatically be restored and interdependency will be mitigated as well as humanitarian crisis.

He concluded that the on-going intercommunal violence will be mitigated since there will be available food for citizens.

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