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Kajo-Keji chief raises alarm over illegal border intrusion

By Gladys Kole

A chief in Kaji-Keji County of Central Equatoria state has accused Ugandan citizens of encroaching into South Sudan territory, settling with families.

The executive chief of Bamurye boma, Kangapo II payam of Kajo-Keji County, Mr. Gonyi while speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on phone 5th May said the Ugandans hail from Moyo district.

According to Gonyi, the intruders who have erected tents for settlement deep inside South Sudan territory were ferried and dropped in tipper Lorries.

The chief said that since the intrusion of the Ugandans, the condition of locals especially women and elders have not been good as the encroachers are proving to be unfriendly.

According to the local chief for the last two days, the land encroachers have started engaging in terrible acts making the indigenous community to feel unhappy.

“As of yesterday, they even attempted rape and they resorted to grabbing bicycles from other returnees from the camps,” said Gonyi.

“Even at the borehole they want to be the only ones using it, they are chasing away the locals in the area,” he continued.

Chief Gonyi reported that the intruders have even occupied a school called ‘Adire primary school’ in Bamurye, and wanted to fix their own flag that they came with.

Meanwhile, the state and national authorities are yet to respond to the brewing border crises.

Border threats in Kajo-Keji are not new, as there have been unusual activities happening in regard to Ugandans trying to claim chunks of South Sudan land for ages.

But the recent incident in question came at the peak when in July last year, according to the locals and the area chief, the intruders majorly aimed at occupying the land, claiming its ownership.

“They allocated themselves plots and one of them is even claiming to be a landlord and is giving them plots to settle,” chief Gonyi lamented.

According to the local chief, the encroachers are said to have migrated from two districts of West Nile; namely Yumbe and Maracha.

The immigrants have identified themselves as Gobure clan who claimed they were previous inhabitants of Bamurye.

The executive chief said when reported the issue of July last year to the county authority, especially to the commissioner with some evidence; he was told that the border issue will be handled in 2027.

He said that no action has been taken though the matter is reported to the top authorities in the country and head of the national security of Kajo Keji.

“There isn’t any good turn up for us that’s why we have been left in dilemma all along. As citizens, we are waiting when they are going to act upon this and bring us peace,” he cried out.

Gonyi said it has become hard for the people to resettle back to their homes because the intruders are chasing them out of their lands.

The chief noted that by Friday, making the third day, the number of the illegal settlers had swollen as they kept coming.

The county authority is however yet to comment on the matter as the commissioner; Mr. Phanuel Dumo was not reachable by phone at the time of publishing this story.

Efforts also to reach Moyo district authorities for comment on the reported intrusion were futile as no immediate contact of officials could be found.

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