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RRC, partners form taskforce to respond to returnees from Sudan

By Deng David Panchol

Jonglei State government and partners have set up a taskforce to respond to the needs of returnees fleeting violence in Sudan.

The State Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) formed the taskforce with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and other partners to register returnees.

In April 15th, the Sudan transitional military council disagreed with Rapid Support Force over reintegration of the paramilitary into the mainstream army, sparking violence in Khartoum.

The fighting eventually spread out to other states, displacing thousands of people from the country.

According to Jonglei State RRC Chairperson, Mading Akueth, the taskforce was formed in order to avert suffering of returnees on arrival.

He stated that Bor County has been tasked to register any returnee with air tickets and legal documents to show clearance at the border post.

“We have set up a desk at Bor County office to receive and register the people coming from Sudan so that they will get support and to be reintegrated into the community,” Akueth said.

Akueth stressed that though his office intends to register all people fleeing from Sudan with documents to prove, regardless of their nationality, none had shown up.

He added that the state government discourages camping of returnees but rather reintegrate them into the community.

“We only need to give them basic kits like resettlement kits so that they can resettle back and more easily without stress,” he said.

Akueth said the returnees need materials to construct houses and shelter off from the ongoing rains in this season.


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