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Brace yourself for hotter weather

By William Madouk

Millions of people in South Sudan are bracing themselves for a weeklong average and even hotter weather, the IGAD Climate prediction and Application Center (ICPAC) has shown.

The IGAD weather forecast predicated that South Sudan will likely experience temperature ranging from 20 to 32-degree Celsius from 10th – 17th b of May, as well as in some parts of the region.

“Moderate to high temperatures (20 – 32℃) expected over central to northern Sudan, South Sudan,” IGAD said in its weekly weather forecast seen by this outlet.

Similarly, the same weather conditions are anticipated in much of Uganda, most parts of Tanzania, eastern and northern Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea, and eastern parts of Ethiopia.

Still, hot temperatures above 32 ℃ would be expected over southern parts of Sudan, north-western Eritrea, and Afar region of Ethiopia.

In addition, weather experts also said, mild conditions (less than 20℃) are expected over central to northern Ethiopia, central to western Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, and isolated areas in southern and northern Tanzania.

Meteorologists have noted general reduction of rainfalls in most parts of the region but with exceptional heavy to very heavy rainfall (top 10-5%) over north-eastern Somalia with eastern and western Ethiopia.

IGAD weathermen further disclosed that, moderate rainfalls (50-200mm) are expected over most parts of South Sudan, northeastern Somalia, and eastern & western Ethiopia within the duration of 7 days.

However, light rainfalls (less than 50 mm) are predictable in Rwanda, Burundi, parts of Tanzania, most parts of Uganda and Somalia, central to western Kenya, southern parts of Sudan, plus northern and eastern parts of Ethiopia.

According to climate experts, drier than usual conditions await southern regions of South Sudan, southern Ethiopia, central to southern Somalia, northern and western Kenya, Uganda, and northern and coastal regions of Tanzania.

Meanwhile, dry conditions are possible over central to northern Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti and north-eastern Ethiopia meanwhile, northern and eastern Kenya, most parts of central, northern, and southern Tanzania will experience similar conditions.

Southern parts of Sudan, northern South Sudan, western to central Ethiopia and north-eastern Somalia are forecasted to be under yet wetter than usual conditions.

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