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Yambio teachers demand good pay to boost free education

By William Madouk

Teachers in Yambio of Western Equatoria State are demanding higher pay from the government in exchange for quality education.

Welcoming the presidential order announcing free education in the country, the teachers are concerned about the impact on quality education if government does not address their challenges.

Head teacher of Nabima Primary School, Light Abud Abdallah aired the demand of the educators while speaking during an inspection of schools by the Western Equatoria State Minister of General Education and Instruction.

Abdallah stated that the country will have quality education only if teachers’ challenges are addressed.

According to Abdallah, most government-run schools lack good teachers because they are not paid well and their salaries always delay.

“One of the biggest challenges that continue to face free education is low salaries, as well as the delay of those low salaries.” He stressed.

“These are the things that make education meaningful, and it is how we can measure the quality of education; it is something that makes someone to work wholeheartedly” the head teacher added.

He stressed that unless the government works on addressing the core issues affecting teachers, the quality of education in the country will never improve.

“I think everyone is aware, including the government, that despite the low pay of the teachers, their small money isn’t given in time,” the Nabima Primary School head teacher added.

For Abdallah, it is high time for the government to opened eyes and invested in education through training teachers and catering for their welfare, including paying good salaries.

He said lack basics such as desks and other essential requirements for running a learning institution, including chairs for teachers to sit on, are among the challenges facing schools.

“In such a way, the country will see the light in education and restore the image of the government as well as that of schools like those in 1920s and 1940s, where our people became responsible leaders” he added.

Adam Gabriel Modi, head teacher of Nkopungo Nursery & Primary School, highlighted the significance of government assistance to education sector to improve its quality.

He cautioned that the country’s educational system wouldn’t be the same as it is now if the government does not pay more attention it.

Mr. Modi further revealed that his school has so far enrolled nine hundred and two (902) both primary and nursery pupils since reopening of learning institutions, early this year.

The teachers were responding to the call by the State Minister, Grace Apollo, who called on the learning instructors to ensure that the quality of education they offer meets the expectations of students.

According to Grace, providing learners with the best instructions would meet the needs of the nation’s quality education for a better future.

She also called on pupils to respect authorities and focus on classes in order to achieve their academic dreams for a better future.

She lamented that instructors need to dedicate themselves to providing their learners with high-quality education.

“Our children need quality education, so as a result, I am pleading with teachers to provide that quality education for their better future,” Grace said.

She reaffirmed government’s commitment to providing the necessities to establish a suitable teaching and learning environment.

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