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The non-response situation in Alabek Payam (Northern Tonj-North)

Tong Akok Anei Mawien

Over the years and in recent months, Warrap State has been affected by ethnic conflicts and inter-communal violence.  Roughly 80 percent of Warrap state is deeply affected by inter communal violence, ethnic conflicts and natural disasters, people are displaced, properties looted, living standards deteriorating.

This deeply affected some isolated areas like Aliek Payam, Alabek Payam, Akop Payam and Marial Lou extending to Tonj East as well as many other counties and payams in Warrap state.

These areas are bordering Toch with Unity state, and as close to swampy area, they are isolated due to poor roads’ connection, the topography of the land of being swampy does not spare any trials or commitment during rainy season. Therefore, there is a very low response from humanitarian sectors and I believe the only partially operating Humanitarian Organization is World Vision that operate well during dry seasons, credit to World vision.

The causes of this ethnic tension are strained economic, political, and social conditions, as well as political objectives of those in position of power or people seeking power or attention. These inter-communal, ethnic conflicts stand as a barrier to effective national government intervention. Thus, such conflicts pose a unique challenge to the weak state government in its attempts to bring peace to these areas and to end human suffering.

With these four days of none response situation by the concerned authorities, Alabek Payam has been hit by a gang of cattle raiders that ganged up and hide in the swampy areas, many people have been killed, injured, thousands cattle raided, property looted and many people displaced in just four days. This human suffering in isolated communities is hard to be shouldered by an island-like areas during rainy season…. therefore, this should be national concern and the relevant national authorities should question the entrusted state leaders over the security of their borders and the control of their state security, and so if those gangs are not affiliated, then both state government should bring them into book of justice.

Tong Akok Anei Mawien

(B.Sc. in Statistics and Demography)

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