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Poor Waste Management in Juba City

By Tong Akok Anei Mawien

The matter of public health in Juba City has been with less concern to the civilians and the relevant authorities in some aspect. Our public health is expose to a lot of risk due to lack of public education, lack of rapid response to some factors, lack of implementation of public health policies by the civilians and the relevant authorities.

To remind yourself and whoever is entrusted with duties in regard to public health, public health includes the safety of food we eat in the public places, the way was dispose our waste products among other major factors such as disease outbreak, they always say “Prevention is better than cure”. Therefore, we should be concerned on how we manage our waste product in Juba city our own safety.

Why disposing waste product at the middle of the road and at the surroundings areas? If it is because for the entrusted organization to collect it, why is it that the waste is not collected at a specific time or at maximum time interval? Why is it that our concerned authorities allow the dumping of waste on the roads? Commonly if you move on our downtown roads, one might feel concern for the waste accumulated on the roadside, more especially places near business centers, it poses high risk toward our public health, and therefore its necessary to collect daily or at least after a short time interval the accumulated waste on the road, our public health should be a concern to our health authorities. The organization concerned should be empowered to leave no waste to accumulate on our streets, the relevant authorities should impose the management regulations of waste manage.

Tong Akok Anei Mawien

(B.Sc. in Statistics and Demography)

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