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Bor: 31 gangsters jailed and fined SSP 100,000

By Manas James Okony

A bench court in the Jonglei State capital, Bor, on Wednesday 11th May 2023 sentenced 31 members of gang popularly known as ‘Niggers’ to a one-year jail term and a fine of SSP 100,000 each for terrorizing the town.

Peter Jok Manyang, court chairperson, said the 31 convicts were among a group of 35 youth arrested by the police on charges of possession of weapons, illicit drug consumption, and immorality, among other offenses.

“In the state, there is a 6 pm to 5 am curfew within the town center, possession of weapons is banned, and consumption of illicit drugs like Bhangi and marungi is also banned,” he said.

He added that the 31 people including a mother to 8-months-old baby and three other women were the first to be arrested by the police, charged and convicted.

According to the court official, the verdict was passed under a provisional order by the state council of ministers.

Due to the rising gang violence in the state capital, Bor, the council of ministers passed a provisional order to curb activities of niggers, he stressed.

In the provisional order, those arrested for the first, the second, and the third times are charged SSP 100 000, SSP 200 000 and SSP 500 000 respectively.

“The trend of criminal activities in Bor is worrying. Some of these convicts were arrested in a place they named ‘Sodom and Gomora’ where immorality takes place” the official narrated.

He urged parents to cooperate with law enforcement bodies in curbing such vices.

Gen. Elia Costa Faustino, the state police commissioner, said gang violence in Bor is on the rise and worrying.

“In Bor, there are 8 such groups naming themselves West Coast, Great Warriors, and Original Gangs, among others,” Faustino pointed.

He noted that the notorious groups were becoming a threat in the state, prompting the security to swing into action.

“The police in collaboration with the state security committee and municipality launched a crackdown leading to the arrest of over 35 people,” he explained.

The state police chief pointed out that the crackdown would continue until pacification of Bor, and he called on the public to join in fighting crimes.

Meanwhile, Bior Ajang Jaden, an activist with a local NGO “Ataka Hubs”, lauded the crackdown, saying “If screening was done and only criminals were sent behind bars, then it wasn’t really bad”.

“It is going to help the society because these guys have been threatening the lives of civilians,” he said.

He observed that when reformed, some of these boys could become lawyers, teachers, and doctors, for the nation.

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