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Why does it look like we have outlived our better days?

Looking at the days ahead, you would find that the better day is missing. Why is it missing when everyone is praying for a better day? Everybody hopes that tomorrow is the better day they have been praying for and unfortunately, the day looks worse than today.

Hope renews and eyes get set on another tomorrow to be the better day, but the situation remains the same, or it even worsens. Everybody longs for the better day, but it refuses to dawn. The day might be expensive. It must need an ultimate price to be paid for it to come. But what could that price be? Lives! Money! Energy! What actually could the price be?

To me, the better day needs lives. You know what, a nail can’t be unscrewed by a hand. A nail is screwed by a hummer and when time comes for it to be unscrewed, it again needs a hummer, not necessary the same hummer, but could be another hummer as long as it’s a hummer. This supports a saying that, a metal is broken by another metal. Whether or not I have translated it well, excuse my English language.

This country was bought with a million lives and, for it to get stable, it needs another million lives. People may think I’m heartless, but I’m not. A million people are dying now, but they are dying of hunger, diseases and senseless war. What if these people were dying struggling to bring freedom to their fellows? Freedom would have come already.

But now that they are dying a cowardice death, would they not finish? Instead of coming together as people facing one common challenge, agree on one song to sing (it could be a national anthem, why not?) and stage a peaceful war against the person/people they see is/are the cause of their suffering.

Within one day, believe me, South Sudan will relocate to the exact land Moses had promised people to settle in. I said it and I’m saying it again. It takes organized people less than a day to bring change, but it takes disorganized people years to bring change. Are we organised? No, we are not. Are we disorganised? Yes, we are. That is why it has taken us years to bring change.

It is painful to live an underprivileged or unprivileged life because of another man like you. It revokes your manhood. You are like a castrated ox and that man responsible for your impoverishment is like a bull.

If you are tired of the life, you live just like I am, just like he is and just like she is, then let us come together as unprivileged people and do something. That thing is not war, coup d’état or suicide, but a mere call for service delivery through a very peaceful process.

That process is not strike, migration, treason or giving up, but a mere and wise decision on the day of elections. That’s the day a person who has never seen you for 14 years will come and kneel down before you to beg for your vote. Do not slap him/her physically but slap him/her in the ballot paper. Then your better day finally comes thereafter.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

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