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Police to begin crackdown on lawless motorists

By Ephraim Modi Duku Sokiri

The national police service has announced that it will begin cracking down on vehicles with covered number plates in a bid to curb accidents, as well as hit-and-run cases.

Inspector General of the Police (IGP) Majak Akech Malok noted that people who cover number plates or tint their cars have made it difficult for police to track them when such cars commit a crime.

“If you live in Juba, you might come across luxurious cars with their plate number covered and tinted classes. Some vehicles even don’t have plate numbers,” he explained.

The police chief warned that law enforcement officers will take stun measures against people driving such vehicles.

“Now these lawless motorists are about to face the full wrath of the law,” he sounded.

IGP Majak stressed that the police force take blames of crimes where the suspects escape arrests and he vowed to step up actions to bring violators into order and face the law

“People are covering their number plates and they are not apprehended to answer questions of the incidents, they might have killed a person and ran away without being apprehended by police and at the end of the day, it remained blame to the police that police are not performing their duties,” he said.

Maintaining his stance, the IGP puts the officers on notice that whoever fails to apprehend perpetrators is liable of shortcoming on duty.

He called for immediate end to usage of vehicle without numbers plates, tainted glasses and those with single number plates.

“Such practice should stop from today. Whoever will use tinted car or covered number plane or using one number plate, then, you will be taken to police and examined if you have legal documents,” he stressed.

Majak said “nobody is above the law” as he reiterated his efforts to ensure that the law is enforced to the people who will not respect.

“Those who will not adhere to our call to abide by the rules and regulations, and also we will talk to them with the language that they will understand,” the police boss warned.

“The law is above everybody and nobody is above the law, it is within that practice that the law will be forced to you,” he echoed.

“Some of the cars used on the roads are numberless or not being registered, some of them remain with the number plates they entered through the border and they are not registered, some of them are using number plates which are not matching with the log books.”

IGP Majak disclosed that some people tint their cars without approval, others drive without wearing shoes and there are those driving while drunk, under the influence of alcohol.


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