Prostitution Impacts Negatively to Our Cultural Values and Traditions

By Joseph Akim Gordon

God created humanity in his own image and likeness, because of our misbehavior we broke God‘s commandment and for this reason, He has punished humanity, that we must labor for our livelihood; that is to have food we must toil for it or work hard that you must sweat in exchange for your food and other basic necessity for life. We committed these sins as such life has become a burden.

Unless you toil, you will have no food and other basic requirement in life. Animals in many cases do not practice same sex relationship and why should humanity made in God’s image commit such crime. Homosexuality is now encouraged by western world those less developed countries are intimidated not to discourage homosexuality; many countries are now too scared to criminalize homosexuality because these countries will stop financial aids so that is why these satanic practices are tolerated so that the funds are not stopped where is our sovereignty? Because we are desperate, we forfeit our sovereignty in exchange for financial support.

There are numerous kinds of work that can enable us live a decent life, because of tough living we created prostitution that is selling their body for sexual intercourse, women are fully involved in this illegal trade, men have now joined women to have anal sexual relation with other men for money, currently in South Sudan prostitution is a crime, you can be persecuted in a court of law, and it is illegal to have a center for prostitution or to have a brothel for sex business is illegal, Why women and men are dishonoring themselves, you are not created in order to misuse your body for virginal and anal sexual relationship for woman and man respectively.

Because of shame and abomination connected to prostitution, in our communities one can introduce himself or herself as a teacher, carpenter or any other profession I have not come across somebody who declared himself or herself as sex worker. As a matter of fact, prostitution is not a career, you struggle to become a professional in any given career you will earn decent money, it is a shame for a young woman and man to become sex worker.

Prostitution is very much connected with transmissible diseases like gonorrhea, HIV/Aids, syphilis and many others if your known as sex worker you will have low status in the community, many will avoid your presence as much as possible, even your own relatives will disown you as you bring shame to your family, you will not lead a decent life you will avoid contact or distance yourself from relatives’ friends and from your former school colleagues.

Sex workers is associated with people who are lazy, they want easy money that you earn without sweat there are employment opportunities, you can even become self-employed or conduct a small business you start small but accumulated experiences you can gradually climb the ladder in business, it will not take long before you become a wealthy person and the ability to employ other young people.

You the young woman and young man why are you destroying your life by involving yourself in prostitution and become sex worker? Your family members never practiced prostitution or to become sex workers, if they practiced it then you would not have been born. The idea of prostitution is in many ways encouraged by bad friends when you become a member of such group it is easy for you to become a member.

The religious doctrine forbid prostitution or sex worker where you want to earn money by selling your body and you get money for your livelihood; it is great sin and you’re breaking the law which very much punishable by long imprisonment or fine or both punishments can be applied. There is no choice for sex workers any customer that come ugly, beautiful, disabled mad person elderly persons are welcomed provided the customer has money. the sex workers do not enjoy the sex but the money.

Government and the communities have an obligation to discourage prostitution or sex workers, those prostitution centers should be closed, let them look for decent jobs because the danger connected with the vaginal and anal sex is great, numerous transmissible diseases, because of the money they earn from sexual relationship from any person who comes around is not a clean money. if not discouraged you women and men may get attracted to the sex trade, they are going against the religious doctrine, and the laws of the country, also breaking cultural values and norms of our society. Come back to your senses stop prostitution or sex for money, the danger connected is enormous the best option to quit this behavior.

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