Can someone remind some of our MPs of their roles to communities they represent

By Tong Akok Anei Mawien

Sometimes it’s very hard to imagine some situations, it is absurd when our communities beat their chest of being represented by representatives who cannot pick a word or participate on matters that are affecting the communities they represent and the nation as a whole; as cited earlier on, that there is a need for adult Education to some MPs who could neither read nor Write, or with low level.

Therefore, how potentially are other communities being represented in the Parliament? Many communities just dwell on pity. There is a saying that goes “He who goes asleep with the itching Anus wakes up with smelling fingers” perhaps it was our own making to have given some incompetent MPs the community tickets, and after realization, it was too late when we realized that these are misplaced tickets. It was too late to realize that, the bright light that was shining on them was a reflection of SPLM star and their true color was far darker than black. It was too late to realize that we have isolated our communities with their daily problems and no one out there to set alarm for someone to come for their rescue.

Can someone remind our MPs of their duties to the communities they represent, can someone remind them about the manifestos they put forward when they were campaigning, and can someone asked them about SPLM vision they agreed to carry forward. Even though it’s a bit late, it’s better to emit the SPLM light lastly as you are exiting as a way of appreciation to SPLM who sugar-coated you to steal the opportunity and to SPLM.

Dear SPLM, as elections are looming in 2024, please first clean your house, your house is full of junk…and please dear get to know, the people whom you emit your bright light to shine on them at your watch and sent them to us are darker than you imagine, that they have out-powered the light you reflected on them within some days and become darker than those days you spent in the bushes. This is how we have been with them throughout these years, get to know they did not shoulder your vision.

Please dear evaluate thoroughly the next people that you will put your trust on, if not prepare for failure…. Even though many of them knew they won’t make it back to the parliament, they are still soothing their bellies, taping on the amount they have approve for themselves, they are still comfortable when the choose to comfort themselves more than a soldier footing into deep villages to stop the communal fights, when the choose to comfort themselves more than traffic police standing at seven-day round-about under the sun and rain to facilitate their cars maneuvering to and fro their offices…. The only thing we asked from the Transitional Government, Conduct Elections as Schedule, we will find our level.

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