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Long walk to freedom from crisis is only just starting

It is high time that the key ministries of life-affiliated issues hold public engagement and awareness events. The country needs to hear from the horse’s mouth because the citizens are drowning in the deep seas of despair, which is only getting worse by the day. The hope that would have been something that the people had is deteriorating daily and at an incredibly terrifying speed. What to do?

Hope, as a noun, is defined as a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen, while the verb is stated as wanting something to happen. The people are carving out a permanent solution to the many issues that are swallowing them slowly. Like the python first breaks its prey before the long feast, the problems that the people are encountering day in and day out are curling and breaking them gradually before they finally gulp them into prey. Most times, this death is hard to come back from. Many people do not come back from it. If they do, they only manage to catch a straw like a drowning man.

So, what is the way forward from that, then? whom to look up to for a permanent solution to the seemingly only increasing crisis in the country. According to Consortium Humanitarian Development CEO William Ngabonziza in relation to South Sudan’s hosting Sudanese refugees in Renk, “the area was already suffering from a food crisis before the conflict broke out, and it is isolated. We had to bring in everything we needed, as you can’t find supplies here. The roads are deplorable and, in the rainy season, virtually unpassable. It really is a race against time to help people as soon as possible.”

The 1 billion SSP that was released two weeks ago by the government through the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs was well used to receive and support refugees from Sudan, although another bunch of 3 billion SSP was requested for effective delivery. The rate at which the SSP is losing value should be an indicator that disbursement of funds to different dockets is not a permanent solution.


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