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Governor Futuyo warns youth of dirty politics

By Alex Digi

Governor of South Sudan’s Western Equatoria State, Lt. Gen. Alfred Futuyo Karaba has warned the youth against involving in dirty politics.

Lt. Gen Futuyo made the statement during inauguration of a maternity ward in Madebe Payam of Ibba County.

The governor alleged that the youth were solicited for military training in the state.

“There are forms given to chiefs here for youth to fill, that they should form their groups as soldiers to defend their country, is there other defense soldiers apart from SSPDF and Police forces?” he questioned.

He demanded to know the person commanding the alleged forces.

“In case of any insurgency in the state, chiefs are responsible for it because they are the ones in charge of those forms of reported illegal army recruitment,” he warned.

Futuyo advised the citizens of the state to live together and shun tribalism.

Meanwhile in Manikakara, the governor promised to provide Beds and Mattresses in the newly constructed Maternity Wards.

“I will make an effort to bring the missing materials to this Maternity because we have started with fundraising, those beds, mattresses, bed sheets, and other things we will bring” he promised.

The governor also pledged that the state would provide scholastic materials to Schools in the area but opposed free education.

“For the two schools in Manikakara here, I will send books, but I stand for my decision there is no free Education. Pupils have to pay to support the teachers” Futuyo underscored.

On 6th June 2023, the state Government and Partner inaugurated two Health Facilities, Madebe and Manikakara, constructed by UNOPs under World Bank funding project to South Sudan government.

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